Top Three Reasons Why Women Run After the First Date

Okay men, are you tired of women always running after the first date? How many times are you going to curse or judge the date because she ran before you realize that maybe, just maybe, there is something YOUR doing that causing them to run? Now, if you can realize this, you are one step closer to having successful dates and meeting the lady of your dreams. She’s out there and waiting for you! Before you can meet her at the restaurant, there are a couple things you need to work on first. Here are the top 3 reasons why women run after the first date.

  1. Your Intentions Are Sexual

This is the biggest reason why women are running after the first date. If you are going on a date with the intention of hopefully getting inside her pants, you might as well swipe your credit card and leave. Trust me, ladies have this instinctive radar and detection system of whether you are genuinely there or not. The reality is, a first-date should be the intention of purely getting to know her, period. A relationship is founded on the basis of authenticity not sexual intentions.


  1. You’re Dry and Boring

The next reason why women are running after the first date is because you’re coming across dry and boring. Women don’t like to be bored and if you can’t interact and speak their language, they will run.


Like you want the women to listen to you when you speak, listen to them! Hear their message and interact with them. Ask intriguing questions, get on their level and show some form of compassion. Guaranteed, if you want to move from the first date to the second date, show levels of compassion and interest.


  1. A Brag or Dishonest

Women run after the first date because women are not stupid in fact, women are intuitive and smart! Just like a window, if you are bragging about something that’s irrelevant or being dishonest, they will see right through you. No one likes a brag or a dishonest person. In fact, if you are genuine in asking for a serious relationship, you should understand being a brag or dishonest will actually attract dishonest and women that brag. In other words, by bragging about how strong you are, how much money you have, or how much you know (on top of this, with some lies) you will only have inauthentic relationships with any you associate with.


Time to Grow and Be You

Men, if you are seeking to land a woman who is going to stay, the solution is simple. Start by taking care of yourself. This means taking the time to eat health, be clean and work-out. In this, you will grow to become a better version of you and, on your date, you can simply be YOU! Instead of bragging, being dishonest or creating a fake persona, just be you! At the core, everyone is interesting and has a story to share. Don’t jump into a first date thinking it’s going to be instant-sex, if you do, you might as well go back to your room.