Women 101: The Dos and Don’ts of a First Date 

Woman’s first date Guide- When it comes to the first date, all women ask the same questions, “What should I do and what should I NOT do?” It’s natural, and that’s okay. You are simply seeking to make sure you have a successful first date! So, according to the NYC Wingwoman, first things first, calm down, relax and let’s not make it complicated.  A first date is meant to be fun and an experience of a lifetime. With the butterflies tingling and the romantic vibe in the air – Lets break down the woman’s first date guide in to do’s and don’ts for a successful date.

The Five Key Do’s and Don’ts For A Successful First Date

DO: Dress Cute! DON’T: Look like a hot mess

First on this list for the woman’s first date guide do’s and don’ts is –presentation! Ladies, first things first, you need to make sure you look your best. Now, I am not talking decking out in Chanel or Fendi – no, no. I am talking about genuinely looking cute! Dress for the occasion. If you are going on a romantic dinner date, dress accordingly. If you are going mini-golfing, you need to dress accordingly! If you are showing up to your first date like a hot mess, it’s going to be a hot mess.

DO: Put your phone away! DON’T: Text and date

Second on the list for the woman’s first date guide do’s and don’ts for a successful date is NO PHONE ALLOWED! While I know many of you are addicted to cell phones, put the phone away! You are on a date getting to know another human being. If you are seeking a genuine first date – and a successful phone, don’ text and date. It’s too dangerous and can result in: ending the date early, awkward silence, random head-nods, and an accident kiss on the ear, not the cheek or lips.

 do’s and don’ts for a successful date.


DO: Be yourself. DON’T: Be an ‘Alter-Ego’

According to the Woman’s first date guide this is one of the core lessons of any successful relationship with any human being (friendship or romantic). Focus on being yourself! You don’t need to “act” like yourself because that’s to say you are being something else already – Just Be You! Plain and simple. Don’t complicate your personality, your lifestyle, your accent, your friends, your job – he doesn’t care and nor should you. Leave your mind-created alter-ego at the door.


I feel as if this is appropriate for life itself. Don’t ever be late – always be on time. Now if your date is at 8:00 PM, on time does not mean 8:00 PM. On time means to always show up 10 minutes before-hand. One of the worst impressions that you can give off is being late- there is no excuse for being late. What happens with many ladies is they get caught up in the lie of being late. It’s destructive and not worth it. Give yourself the time and him the time. Be smart, don’t be late!


DO: Take Your Time DON’T: Rush it.

What to do on a first date? Ladies, simply put, there is no rush. You’re not going to get in his pants tonight, take your time. Get to know the man. Don’t rush the dinner, don’t rush the conversation, and don’t get pushy. If you try to rush a situation, you will end up with spilling a drink on your dress or something more embarrassing (ever have toilet paper under your heels?) Trust me, take your time.

A first date is about getting to know someone – keep that in mind. Once you realize this, success will flourish. Hope you enjoyed reading the woman’s first date guide Do’s and Don’ts and I wish you best of luck on your first date!