Get your free copy of ‘Becoming Ghost Proof

The 2 secret texts that will guarantee you a response after you’ve been ghosted!



By bringing me (or one of my fully trained team members) along with you to a bar or club of your choice, you’ll have a fun and educational night designed to help you meet the woman of your dreams and perfect your pick-up technique.

Give you real time feedback on your performance and technique.

Assist you with ice breakers and conversation starters.


Guide you through the evening for maximum success.

Make ourselves scarce as soon as you hit it off with someone.


You and I both know that women get hit on in bars and
clubs all the time.

These women quickly get tired of hearing the same old
pick-up lines from the same desperate looking dudes.

As a result, they often put up their defences against all
men – even nice guys like you!

So, if you could stand out from the crowd with your very
own Wingwoman who’ll help to break down those defenses, build up trust on your behalf, and do a great job of ‘talking you up’ – it’d be pretty sweet, right?

You see, women trust other women. If we tell them you’re awesome, they’re going to believe us. Think of the NYC Wingwoman experience as your secret weapon in the dating game.

Recent Testimonials

“It was a pleasure having you as my coach! You pushed me in every way possible. I learned a great deal in approaching women duringthe day and at night.”
Eric A.

“NYC Wingwoman changed my dating life. I am so thankful for everything she taught me, as I am now living the life I always wanted!”
Jacob L

“This was the Best investment of my life”
Andy J.

“Cher was my personal trainer, but for my love life. Instead of just getting thinner, I got dates!”
Nathan G.