How many times have you been to a bar or club and seen good-looking men glide by with ease as they talk up the ladies and don’t get ignored? You know the guys I’m talking about. They have the expensive watches, the great hair, and probably don’t even have to work out. They flash a smile and suddenly it’s obvious that women want them. They’re the guy that women want to be with and men want to be. But what happens if you aren’t that guy? You have to work out like crazy to avoid getting a total dad bod, your car isn’t the latest model, and your hair is thinning out. Are women even into that?

Beauty is Skin Deep

As women, we were told that beauty is fickle. It fades away. The only thing that genuinely matters is how we carry ourselves and treat others. Be respectful, amiable, and kind. But the thing about women is that we like pretty things. It doesn’t even matter what it is. As long as it’s pretty, we want it to be ours. Pink lattes, shiny fidget spinners, attractive female friends. Because we were born in a culture that drenched us in the (fake) ideal that pretty is best. It’s not a secret that attractive people find it easier to get the job, date, and friends they want. But these things are just skin deep.

Offer Something More

When the pretty brunette with the enchanting smile walks past you to talk to the tall, tan guy on your right, just wait. Wait while she tries to talk to him. For so many attractive people, there is a limit to their attractive qualities. They grew up being told how handsome or good-looking they were and didn’t feel the need to work on any other qualities. Maybe the tall guy isn’t really that funny. Maybe the buff guy is actually a total creeper. Maybe the dude with the nice watch secretly has a crush on his cousin. Whatever the flaw may be, it’s there. And when girls find those flaws, they’ll outweigh the superficial qualities that they originally saw. Eye candy is great, but it’s even better when it treats you with respect and is down to buy you a pizza.

Qualities Women are After

So what do women want? It’s the age-old question. Some remain convinced that women want a sugar daddy and no real emotional connection. Others argue that women want commitment too soon and don’t even care who gives it to them. The truth is that every woman is different. Some ladies are content with casual dates. Others do want deeper connection. But most (if not all) women want something that is below the surface. A sense of humour, a drive towards success and ambition, a keen intelligence, pure passion, an amiable personality in social situations, confidence. Each of these are things that literally require zero physically attractive features. You can develop each of these over time. And then, you wait. Wait for the girl with the sparkling eyes to yawn while she’s talking to Johnny Bravo in the club. Then walk up to her and break the ice with your winning attitude and awesome personality. You’ve got this!