Why Start Dating?

If you are surfing a date coach website, chances are that you have already answered this question yourself. But just because you’re casually looking at a date coach site, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to commit to anything just yet. And that’s fine! Many of us find that our social life, careers, and family life are more than enough to keep us busy as well as happy. It can be difficult trying to fit something else, like love, into the schedule. Or perhaps you’re just content avoiding the whole dating scene. “Feelings are messy,” you might tell yourself as an argument against getting involved with anyone. But I am a NYC date coach, and as such, I feel compelled to explain some reasons that may change your mind significantly.

Movie Buddies
There are few things as relaxing as sitting at home in front of your tv or laptop, and watching throwback films or the newest releases. It’s awesome to spend time on your own and do things that help you unwind. And if you do these things with someone else, it can be a two-for-one deal. You can unwind and also share your opinion about what you just watched together (if you want). The other person can help you see something you wouldn’t have even noticed by yourself. You might be too caught up in the lovely imagery that you hadn’t even noticed the low-caliber acting of a main actor’s co-star. Perhaps you hadn’t realised how logically detailed and beautiful the spaceship in Passengers was. When you’re constantly around someone who sees a different dimension of the world that you do, it can really flesh out your perspective. Additionally, your person could introduce you to a whole new show that you would’ve never looked twice at if you were on your own. You never knew how exciting an Italian banker’s life could have been until you were shown Medici: Masters of Florence.

Yin and Yang
date coachNot every person you will date or have dated will balance you out. Balance isn’t a necessary ingredient in relationships, but it is a suggested one. We naturally seek out familiarity and similarity. Someone once joked that the perfect best friend for girls would be someone who has similar taste in alcohol, and different taste in men. It’s good to have similarities to someone- to a point. The thing is, if you find yourself too similar to someone, you’re not going to be surprised. You won’t have as much spontaneity as you could want. The great thing about dating, is that you have the chance to find someone who is dissimilar to you, and can thus challenge you, assist you, encourage you, and inspire you- all in ways you never thought would work! If you really want to surprise yourself, date an artistic mind if you have a logical one. Or vice versa! I’ve seen so many beautiful combinations as a date coach. So step outside of your comfort zone, and go after someone you normally wouldn’t look twice at. You could end up pleasantly surprised.

Personal Inspiration
Few things can trump love when it comes to things that can endlessly inspire us. When we are in the throes of love, it can boost our creativity. It’s been proven that our brains can come up with more creative ideas when we are being influenced by what love makes us feel. It’s just another benefit to being in love. Naturally, it isn’t something you can force. But as a date coach, I can help you learn how to find it.

Social Circle
You’ve had the same three friends since high school. It’s awesome hanging out with them, but do you ever wonder who else is out there? As we get older, it becomes more difficult to just walk up to someone and ask to get a coffee with them- as friends. But one way to expand our social circle is to date someone who can add to ours. In turn, their friends can also help you grow and expand your ideas. Not in the same sense that your new love could, but it’s a definite bonus. Let them share their views with you, and it can be a welcome, fresh perspective on life.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Dating can be scary if you let yourself be intimidated by it. But don’t think about it like that! It’s a new adventure in your life. A new chapter full of new characters and subplots. If you need further assistance, let your date coach guide you. The sooner you square your shoulders and realise how dating can really benefit your life, the better your life could be for it!