10 Easy Topics to Talk with Men

Okay ladies, do you find it difficult to figure out what to talk about with men? Maybe you struggle to find a common ground or know what they might be interested in- that’s okay too. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Many women struggle with this, but lucky for you we got you covered! The NYC Wingwoman has done some research and put together 10 easy topics to talk about with men. Bring up any of these topics, with confidence and knowledge and you are for sure going to have a great conversation

What to Talk about with men #1 Vacations

Everyone loves to talk about vacations and travel! Feel free to really delve into this topic and ask questions such as:

  • Have you traveled outside of the state/country?
  • Where has been your favorite place to visit?
  • Why is that place your favorite?
  • Where are three places you have always dreamt traveling to?
  • Have you have taken a cruise?
  • What are three places you would never go to?

What to Talk about with men #2 Entertainment

All men love entertainment and all aspects of it. In this topic, you can delve into technology, video games, television shows, the entertainment industry as whole (locally, state-wide, nationally and international)

What to Talk about with men #3 Movies

Men love movies – but not all men love the same movies. You may think all men love superheroes, sex-driven and car racing movies – but you are just stereotyping. Get to know the man, ASK! From movies, to actors to actresses to wherever the conversation leads!

What to Talk about with men #4 Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations

This is the topic of conversation to really get to know the man’s vision. What does he see for himself in the future? This is an opportunity to understand his mindset and what he believes is attainable in life. This can be a chance to understand his motivation and his determination.

What to Talk about with men #5 Music

Everyone loves music – it’s a force that brings people together. Now, not all men love rock and roll and mosh-pits. You never know! You could be sitting with the next Grammy-Award Winning singer or composer!

What to Talk about with men #6 Work

Give the man a chance to brag about himself when it comes to work. All men take their work as a form of pride. Be interested and ask engaging questions – if you don’t understand what he does, have him explain! By showing interest, you can give yourself +1.

What to Talk about with men #7 Hobbies

You can really get to know a man based upon the hobbies that he has. Through asking him about his hobbies, he might in fact have some hobbies similar to you – and that would be just PERFECT!

What to Talk about with men #8 Cars

I don’t want to say all men love cars – but many, many, many men do. Cars are always a central topic of conversation for men. Maybe you are not AS interested – but give him a chance. Ask questions, learn a little bit and have some fun!

What to Talk about with men #9 Family 

Asking a man about his family is an important factor to learn more about his life. Ask about his life growing up and if he has siblings. Is he close with his family? This will give you an inside look into his life and will also allow you two to build a stronger connection with him.

What to Talk about with men #10 Random Questions

I like to call these questions “ice-breakers”. There are hundreds of thousands of websites out there that talk about ice-breaker questions and these are totally random and wild questions that can cause some laughs, loud outbursts, some tears, and even some really awkward moments. All is okay though – it’s a first date!