What is a Wing Woman?

You have all heard the saying “Wingman”, but what is a Wing woman? A Wing woman is the female version of a wingman!  A Wing Woman goes out with you to social settings and helps you attract a potential partner. Not everyone has a best friend that is available to go to social events with, and NOT every best friend is actually a good “Wing Woman”.

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A  TRUE  wing woman is dedicated to the task of going out selflessly to help you find a love-interest. As the NYC Wing woman this is exactly what I do! I love my job because I help my clients get real results fast! As a Wing woman I help with introductions, act as a “best friend”, make you look good by speaking highly of you, and also entertain your love interests friends so that you can speak with out feeling rushed or bothered. I make sure the night is all about you!


Why is a wing woman helpful for a man?

Meeting women is tough, especially in NYC! For some reason, it is hard to approach women and start a conversation without them immediately thinking you are either a “wierdo” or a “creep”. When a woman introduces herself to another women, their guard is immediately dismissed.  By introducing you to the woman I already spoke with, she will be more open to speaking with you. She will trust in you more and believe you are a good man. Also, having another woman speaking highly of you is always a plus. If a wingman does the same thing, a female will almost always automatically think your friend is trying to get her to sleep with you.


Whether this is the case or not, this usually does not end well. In contrast, if a woman tells another woman she thinks you’re a good guy it will be taken as genuine and sincere.wing man


Why is a wingwoman helpful for a woman?

Trying to meet a man in the city is tough, especially when your friends either seclude themselves, or do not like any guy you speak with.


As your wingwoman, I encourage you to speak with men and act approachable, NOT seclusive!  I act as your best friend and speak highly of you, so that others think highly of you as well. I keep you on the right track by helping you meet quality men and entertain his friends while your speaking with him. I never want you to feel rushed or as if his friends are trying to get him to leave.

entertain his friends

I want you to feel satisfied with your night and go home smiling, knowing that you have a possible date approaching!



Having a Wingwoman is your best bet to meeting potential matches in every social setting!