Woohoo it’s Halloween again!

It’s that time of year again, when people use a holiday as an excuse to dress up as something they wish to be or to dress up in order to get other people’s’ attention more easily.


Tis’ the only time of the year when dressing silly or slutty is acceptable.


But what if you’re a guy who’d love to benefit from this festive, costume-crazed and friendly time of the year to meet a lady that you fancy? 


How could guys, especially guys who are still trying to improve their success with the ladies, benefit from this holiday? Are you curious what a guy should wear on halloween? What costume should they go for?

If you want to look manly, sexy, charming, charismatic or in short “attractive to the ladies”, the choice of your costume matters a lot, so as a lead coach for NYC Wingwoman, let me break it down for you….


Chances are that whatever you used in the past or whatever you are considering is a pretty awful idea.


No! Please do not be a clown, especially not one that is intended to be creepy. All creepy or super scary costumes should be a No No for you. You do not want to scare or creep out the girl of your dreams. This is definitely not what a guy should wear on halloween. 


All the classic costumes such as vampire, wizard, frankenstein’s monster, zombie or a mummy should be off your list too. They’re cliché, unoriginal, unsexy and there will be a million of them at any party.


Do not be some character that isn’t well known or isn’t manly. Do not be Waldo from Where’s Waldo, Spock from Star Trek, a Jedi from Star Wars or Frodo from Lord of the Rings.


No lady really considers them sexy.  


Dressing up as superheroes that are very masculine such as Superman, Captain America, Thor or Hawkeye are great choices, although you may need a good physique to fully benefit from them. A firefighter also falls into the category of what a guy should wear on halloween.
Even if you aren’t the most in shape guy in the world, go for one of these rather than one of the cliché unmanly and creepy ones mentioned before.


However, if you have been going to the gym, then what the hell are you waiting for? Grab a superhero costume that brings out your shoulders, arms and chest and enjoy Halloween.



Guy Should Wear on Halloween



Yes, some costumes, especially the traditional ones that require a lot of makeup and art may look amazing to the ladies and they will appreciate them. If it is a costume that makes you feel super confident and brings out your best features, by all means go for it!


Here are some ‘cool’ and ‘manly’ choices to consider:


Top Gun, James Bond, a sexy navy pilot or a sexy army guy, James Dean’s character from Rebel without a Cause, Travolta’s character from Grease or Marlon Brando’s Character from the Wild One.


These are all great masculine choices and there are many many more.


Costumes like these, as well as the manly superhero ones communicate, confidence, authority, charisma, respect and sexyness. Do not hesitate to add sunglasses, guys. They can only help!


A great manly costume will give you more confidence and charisma, not to mention that flirty topics will be easier to bring up in a conversation and the ladies will be more likely to want to be approached by you.


Yeah it is absolutely true that there are guys out there with great personalities and with great charisma who would be the life of the party in any costume. Yes, it is what’s deep down that matters.


But why not give yourself every advantage possible? Why not make it easier for yourself, especially if you are trying to improve your social skills with the opposite sex?


A guy should wear on halloween something that makes him feel the way he’d want to feel all year long!


This is the one time of the year when you can super easily become the person you want to become for a day or two. Become the man you might be dreaming of becoming!


And most importantly Have Fun!


Happy Halloween!

By: Coach David at NYC Wingwoman