Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Wait, don’t freak out. You still have plenty of time to find a Valentines Day Gift for the girl in your life. The go-to gift ensemble has been chocolate and flowers for years. But what if you have a girl who doesn’t like flowers? What if she prefers mozzarella sticks over chocolate? Well, as a dating coach, I have had glimpses into the minds of many amazing women. With that in mind, I have comprised a variety of gifts that could delight your Valentine.


Always With You

What is always by her side, even when you aren’t? Her phone! Being a dating coach, I have noticed how hard it is to stay away from your trusty mobile device for long. So take advantage of that, and spice it up a bit. There are websites out there that offer personalized phone case services. Sites like SkinIt and Moonpig are ready to put together your creation. Just don’t make the image too embarrassing… You want her to be proud of snapping her phone into this case and showing it off.


On the Go

Fitness trackers are a sleek, handy way to document exercise. If she’s constantly on the move, whether for work or working out, this can be an awesome way to go. Take time to check around for something in your price range, and with good ratings. Most (if not all) fitness trackers are waterproof and their batteries can last for days. Just make sure you do your research for this Valentines Day gift, so she doesn’t end up with a badass-looking wrist piece that ends up croaking a month or two down the road.


Cold Hands, Warm Heart

We all know that person who’s freezing even when it’s a balmy 85 degrees out. Perhaps the girl who holds your heart does so with very, very cold hands. Brrr! Help her out by adding something fashionable and warm to her life. Behold the blanket scarf! Beloved by all as being both blanket and scarf. She can bundle her entire torso up into one of these. Check out her favorite stores and see if they have some, or just search online. If you want some fashion advice about what patterns not to get, you are always welcome to contact your friendly neighborhood dating coach. I will be sure to help you out if you’re feeling a bit lost.

Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to the delightful smell of a home cooked meal made by your boyfriend/husband is one of the most “delicious” feelings.  Wake up 30 minutes before her and quietly go to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. She will wake up shocked that not only you remembered, but you beat her to the Valentines Day exchange. This will definitely start the day off right!


All Made Up

If your girl is keen on contour and mad about makeup, then follow the trend. Whether her preferred go-to spot is Sephora or Kylie Cosmetics, pay attention to her style so you can get this right. What that means is don’t get her a hot pink lipstick crayon if she only ever wears a sheer lipgloss. Don’t get nude eyeshadows if she likes to go bold with a smoky eye. If she likes skin-tone colours and likes a natural look, stick with light pinks and browns. If she has a bold visual style, get her dark eyeshadow or a vibrant blush. But also, don’t worry! Just keep the receipt in case it ends up being a shade she isn’t a fan of. One thing is for certain: She will be over the moon that you even thought about putting effort into recognizing how she puts together her appearance. You’ll make her day when she realizes that you actually stepped foot into a makeup store without her. You don’t have to be a dating coach to know what makes girls happily go “Awww! You didn’t!”

Time for Tea

Not everyone is dying for their daily Starbucks pick-me-up. Some girls prefer the soft simplicity of a warm cup of tea. Still others snub Lipton and other bagged tea and only acquire loose tea from places like Teavana or Bellocq. Loose tea lovers claim that it gives a fuller flavor. The awesome thing about girls who like tea is that it opens a door to lots of gift ideas! There are personal-sized teapots (so she doesn’t have to share), filters (if she does the loose tea thing), bags of tea (either actual tea bags or bagged tea, depending on her preference), tea cups (if she appreciates the delicate things in life), or mugs. If you opt for the last option, the best thing would be to customize it. Or if you’re short on time and don’t want to order something like that, then keep it local. Scour the malls and shops for an awesome mug that stands out and reminds you of her.

Sing to me

Nothing is more meaningful than a personalized song or poem made just for you! If you are out of cash or just want to give her something straight from your heart, then write her a beautiful poem or song about how much you care for her. This is sure to make her blush!

Cuddles when you’re not there

Who doesn’t like teddy bears on Valentines Day?  This is a great present to get someone that you have been seeing for a shorter amount of time. It is cuddly and cutsey and will of course make her smile! Pair this with a box of chocolates and flowers for your typical Valentines day gift!

A girls best friend

We all know the song “Diamonds are a girls best friend”, and although you definitely don’t need to get her diamonds, (especially if this is a newer relationship) jewelry is almost always a gift that is guaranteed to make her excited on V-day!  Some pieces can get a bit pricey though so make sure to checkout all the Valentines Day gift Sales.  If you are not sure what kind of jewelry to get her, a simple heart or initials necklace is sure to make her happy. Checkout for unique jewelry ideas or contact your NYC Wingwoman for a more personalized jewelry gift idea!


You can’t have a Valentines Day gift without Flowers. This is always a great go-to Valentines Day Gift and can also accompany other presents. If you want to find out the best places to order flowers from, check out

There are so many different kinds of ladies. Active ones. Sleepy ones. Motivated ones. Creative ones. If the woman in your life requires a gift with a little more personality, then contact me! I’m a dating coach not because I have all the answers, but because I understand people. Tell me about her, and I will tell you what to get her. I hope you have a badass Valentine’s Day!