Top Traits Women Want in a Man

With summer here along with sunshine and parties, many men often ponder what are the traits that women seek in a man. All of the ladies can’t deny they often find themselves at Starbucks with their girlfriends discussing what they want from a man. At the same time, many men are wondering what women are looking for. Now, while this is completely conditional and dependent upon each individual, many women can agree upon these traits that they look for in a man.


Traits Women Want in a Man: Considerate and Caring

All women want a man that is going to be considerate and caring. This means, they want a man that knows how to truly treat a lady, like a lady. That means opening the door, grabbing the chair, surprising her with flowers, cuddling her at night, giving her a foot massage – must I continue the list. At the same time, this means considerate and caring of those around you. Any man that cares for the general well-being of those around will be an instant click for women. This is number one traits that woman look for in a man.

Traits Women Want in a Man: Intelligence

Women love brains. Now, I am not talking literal brains, they love a man with intelligence. Truth is, we live in a culture that is constantly distracted. If a man can captivate a lady with knowledge, smarts and wits – that is an instant click for women. When the cell-phones and technology are casted away, what is left of the man? His intelligence – that means great and stimulating conversation. What do women look for? Intelligence

Traits Women Want in a Man: Listener

All women – ALL women, wants a man that will actually listen. This has been in almost every single Hollywood movie. When are men going to listen to the movies, the songs, the TV shows or their friends – ladies want a man that is going to listen to her problems and her successes. Now, we are not talking “listening”, where there is a fake dialogue happening in the man’s mind. We are talking ACTIVE LISTENING and ENGAGING. This is an essential trait that many women ask for in man.

Traits Women Want in a Man: Confidence

In numerous surveys over the decades, women love a man who is confident in himself and their relationship. In many cases, if a man is confident, many of the other traits become obsolete to some women. There is not much to say besides women are seeking a man with confidence.

Traits Women Want in a Man:Humor

If you didn’t know – women love to laugh. Any man that has humor as a part of his personality – that is an instant click for the ladies. If you can’t make her laugh, do you really thing she is going to want to keep going?

Traits Women Want in a Man: Thoughtful

We talked about how ladies are seeking a man with a more considerate and caring side – they are also seeking a man that is thoughtful. More so than just thoughtful but can demonstrate their thoughtfulness on the daily. This means planning and surprising, enticing and treating – simply doing things for the happiness of the ladies.

Traits Women Want in a Man: Be Flowy

All in all, women are really seeking a down to earth man who can really meet them at their level. Aside from all of the daily distractions of life, women are seeking a man that can understand, listen and engage. It’s about leaving the distracted world and joining the flow of life.