Whether you have been dating for five weeks or five years, it’s fun to celebrate a romantic holiday together. If you are both of the mind that Valentine’s Day is definitely a time to focus even more on each other and plan something special, then look no further! Your wingwoman has always got your back. Here are the top things to do on Valentine’s Day!


  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day- Dinner on the River

It’s not what you think. Instead of visiting a fancy restaurant, or trying to find a last-minutes reservation, opt out for something a bit simpler. Pack up some food from home, or even better, find a Mexican place and grab some tacos to go. Because who doesn’t love tacos? Head down to the nearest waterfront, and kick back with the love of your life. As well as your partner. If Mexican isn’t your thing, check with your wingwoman on some other options. The closer to the water the place is, the shorter the walk!


  •  Things to do on Valentine’s Day- Day Trip

The city is going to be packed with hormone-driven couples for the day, so plan a short escape. If you want it to spill a little over into the next day, search for a cute, inexpensive Air BnB at a destination somewhat near by. Maybe 2-4 hours away. That way, you won’t just be limited to your car. You can drop your stuff at your digs, and then go out and explore the new place together. Adventuring is thrilling as well as romantic. For some sweet places near (but not too near) the city, hit up your wingwoman. I might know a thing or two about some semi-local spots.

  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day- Movie Buffs

If you both enjoy the movies, and regularly binge out via laptop or TV, kick it up a notch. Ask around in your friend groups, or find somewhere that can rent out a projector that you can hook up to your laptop or device. Clear a space in your home (or make a party out of it, and go to another couple’s place) and set everything up. It might involve a bit of effort, like moving around couches, chairs, etc., but I promise it’s an awesome experience. Would your wingwoman let you down?

Things to do on Valentine's Day

Cleared out space for a projector movie and added some rose petals… best movie watching experience yet;) 


  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day- What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

Instead of taking a cooking class, teach each other something in the comfort of your own home. Maybe she has a special recipe that her great-grandmother had handed down, or maybe he makes really good chicken and his secret is to die for. Take advantage of that, and share your talents with each other. The best thing about cooking at home, and various appliances starting to heat the place up, is that clothing is optional…

  • Things to do on Valentine’s Day- Take a Hike

Explore new foothills with a twist: Leave your phones at home. You heard me. Don’t bring any mobile devices. So find a national park or some small mountains close by, and go for it! Take this time to enjoy everything nature has to offer, not to mention your loved one. Sure, you might miss out on some gorgeous sunset photographs, but that just means you’ll have to plan another hike. Take a snapshot mentally. Without phones around to distract you two, you’ll have the ample opportunity to talk about anything, or convey thoughts about the beauty around you.


It’s still only the beginning of 2017. There is a lot left of this year, and many more chances to make the most out of the time you spend with your partner. Don’t make Valentine’s the only day you tell your soulmate how much you appreciate them. Additionally, you don’t have to spend lots of money on them to show how much you care. Life is not about money, it is about moments. As your wingwoman, I cannot stress that enough. So spend as many as you can with the person who makes your heart soar.