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What a Guy Should Wear on Halloween

Woohoo it’s Halloween again! It’s that time of year again, when people use a holiday as an excuse to dress up as something they wish to be or to dress up in order to get other people's’ attention more easily.   Tis’ the only time of the year when dressing silly...

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Is She Stashing You?

There is a myriad of snappy nicknames people are attaching to various moments in a relationship, good or bad. Cuffing, ghosting, and cushioning are just a few. Now there's a new trend that has just gotten its own name: stashing. It's a very familiar concept, similar...

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Haunting: The Unwanted Sequel Of Ghosting

So you've heard of ghosting. It' a particularly nasty dating trend that involves one person suddenly disappearing from someone else's life. But since that trend has gotten its name, another dating trend surfaced with an equally spooky title: haunting. Just like...

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