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1 on 1 Date/Relationship Coaching

During your one on one session we will go over what your goals are for dating and what you need to do to improve your dating habits. We will get down to the nitty gritty and find out what’s really wrong with your dating routine! I will teach you many tips to change it for the better!

Real Time Feedback!

This is a fun night out, but for learning purposes! We will go out together and I will watch your interactions. This will allow for real time feedback to help you figure out exactly what you are doing wrong, what you can improve on, and what you should keep doing!

30 Minute Mock Date

You will have a Skype mock date with the NYC Wingwoman and learn exactly about the vibe you are portraying.  This gives you the opportunity to practice dating and fix bad habits or even learn about the bad habit you did not know you had. Finally you will have someone  to tell you exactly how you behaved on the date instead of just ignoring you after.

This will act as a normal date, but at the end of it you will be given full feedback.

EX: Did you dress well? Did you ask the right questions? Did your date loose interest? Are you flirting correctly? Does your date feel you are listening to them?

All of this and more will be answered at the end of your mock dating session!

Your Best friend (Secret WingWoman)

When you go out to events or bars looking to meet a man or woman, don’t you always wish you had a best friend that would be your ultimate wingwoman. A  friend that would help you meet great guys/girl, NOT take your spotlight, but would talk highly of you, and steer you in the right direction. Well look no further! Your new best friend (Secret NYC WingWoman) awaits!

Texting/Call Help!

What does he/she really mean by his text messages? What does he/she want to hear? Who should text/call first? What should I write back?

We will go over all of this and more AND I will be available to you throughout the days for included call/text emergency advice.

*Included in certain packages- ask for more details

Dating Makeover

I will go shopping with you and get you date ready! I will also assist you in hair and make up if necessary.

*This is a key* what you look like and how you dress says a lot about who you are! Lets show them that you are the love interest that they have all been waiting for!

Online Dating Profile Photography

Get the best photos for your online dating profile. Image consultation included to discover the best photos to show off your personality. Photo session and new photos provided.

*Packages available*