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Online Date Coaching

by the World Renown NYC Wing Woman

Previously only available to the New York City area, the NYC Wing Woman is now expanding her knowledgeable date coaching to the world!

To be a great dater, you need to first be fully content within. You must figure out the things you love, enjoy doing, and what makes you happy. Whether it be work, relationships, hobbies, or inner thoughts, we all need someone to discuss our feelings with. Letting thoughts, fears, and anxieties bottle up will only lead to a downfall. As your dating, life, and relationship coach, I am here for you every step of the way. My program is 100% confidential and I am the person you can always turn to when faced with any dilemma. Do you have questions that you need answers to? My thorough problem solving answers will give you the tools needed to get results in your life.

“..figure out the things you love, enjoy doing, and what makes you happy.”

Unlock your inner confidence, find your happiness & discover the secret to successful dating.

Does This Pertain To You?

“I don’t live in Manhattan, but I want to work with the NYC Wingwoman”
“I want to be a better dater”
“I need relationship advice”
“I get first dates, and sometimes second and third, but rarely do I get past that”
“I wish I had someone to talk to about my feelings that I could really trust”
“I wish I could text or call a dating coach to get quick advice whenever I needed an answer”

If any of this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place!

Through NYC Wingwoman’s online coaching program, you can live anywhere and still be able to be coached by Cher while having in-depth one-on-one sessions!

The complete Online Coaching Package

I’m here to help you with everything dating, relationship, and self growth related. My honest feedback and full support will encourage you to live a life of happiness. You will learn to balance work, hobbies, and relationships as you discover the true you and what makes you feel fulfilled. Throughout this process you will also discover new hobbies and new adventures that will allow you to live your life to its full potential. Your dating life will excel and new doors will open for you.

You will now have the tools you need to take your dating game and love life to the next level!

Now, you can live anywhere and still work with the NYC Wingwoman through this online coaching experience.

Your Monthly Program includes:

  • 1-Hour Meeting Weekly ( Available Skype or phone)
  • Daily Check-ins available
  • Text, email, or phone support
  • Text consulting
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • 100% honest and encouraging feedback

1 Session with the NYC Wingwoman

Are you in a relationship and need advice about something?
Are you stuck in a dilemma and need assistance working through it?
Do you have a crush on a woman and not sure how to handle the situation?
Are you stuck in the friend zone and need assistance getting out?
Do you need advice on how to take your relationship to the next level?
Do you have a specific question you need answers to?

Well Don’t worry, I have your back!

You can now sign up for one Date Coaching session individually and get all your questions answered!


Cher you have been my saving grace through one of the hardest times in my life. I am forever thankful for your encouraging comments and belief that you had in me. I really don’t know where I would be without you. Going through a divorce and starting the “single life” again was not easy, but you were there for me and made me realize what I wanted in life and the tasks I needed to face to get there. Keep doing what you do, because you really do change lives for the better.

Tyler J.

Even though we never actually met in person, your Skype and phone sessions made me feel as if I have known you for years. I work a lot of hours and your schedule flexibility made signing up with you a no-brainer. During our sessions, you had this ability to make me feel so comfortable that I am actually shocked how much I opened up. It felt so good to let my feelings out to a woman who did not judge me at all, rather offered a unique view on my various situations. Even though you did not always tell me what I WANTED to hear, you told me what I NEEDED to hear, and for that I am grateful!

Mohammed A.

During your program I can honesty say that Tuesday evenings were my favorite night of the week. Every week I most looked forward to this time because it was our session together. Cher, I really can’t thank you enough. I don’t think you even realize the impact you had on me, but just having your advice in my life made such a big difference. I know how much you care and I feel so lucky that I somehow stumbled upon your site. You are different from any life coach that I have ever worked with (and embarrassingly I have had a few), your dedication to your clients, your amazing memory, and the love you put into your work always shines through. Your clients are lucky to have found you.

Quinn P.

I was skeptical at first, but Cher and her team are truly the best. I Took a chance when I signed up for her monthly online program, but I am really glad that I did. She opened my eyes to a lot and gave me the drive/push to do better. I am now in a job I enjoy, a relationship I love, and I feel better than ever.


Jake L.