How hard can it be to get her number? Apparently, pretty hard. Some girls are content to just add you on Facebook or Instagram. Others may not even give you their info at all! It can be frustrating because you feel like you could really have something with this girl but she isn’t even giving you a chance. All you need is some more time to spend talking with her, but you can’t stay in the coffee shop or bar where you met her forever. So how do you get her number?


Talk about her home life

Strike up a conversation about what she does when she isn’t working or going out. This will encourage her to talk about what she has waiting for he at home. Does she tend to a garden? Is she into painting and sculpting? How many pets does she have? Once she starts talking about something she has at home that interests her, keep her on that topic. Ask her a couple questions about it and let her know what intrigues you about that particular subject.


Share photos

She’s opening up to you, talking about the funniest thing her dog did that morning. She’s telling you how her cat likes to sleep on her chest every night, practically suffocating her. She is explaining to you how tiring yet rewarding gardening can be. She is describing her latest painting or sculpture to you. That’s when you pop the question: “Can I see a picture?” Naturally, her instinct would be to take her phone out and swipe a few times and tilt it towards you. Tell her how awesome her pet/garden/art is. At this point in the conversation, she may turn the question back on you. “So, what are you into?”


Let me get back to you

Your next move should be to take your phone out to show her your pet or hobby. As you unlock your phone, feign disappointment and tell her that you forgot you recently updated your phone and had to delete all your photos. Express light embarrassment about it. She might say something like “Aw, that’s okay” or even add on “You can show me another time.” Either way, tell her that you could send her a picture as soon as you get home if you got her number. At this point, you’ve already established a small connection with her. You’ve created a comfortable space for her. You have expressed interest in what she finds enjoyable. Odds are that you will get her number shortly after telling her this. If you don’t get her number, ask to add her on a social media outlet.


The reason this works is because it’s a nice way to ask for her number without coming on too strong. You haven’t asked for her digits directly after complimenting her physical appearance. You were able to share a small piece of her own personal life, and she felt comfortable enough to share it with you. If you don’t get her number or her social media, you can be thankful for this small thing. And if you did get her number, well done! You never know. The next date could be a picnic in a dog park or an art gallery visit.

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