Swipe Right On A Midnight Kiss

2016 is nearly finished.  Finally. 2017 will hopefully be much better than 2016 was. Now you have a new year and a new slate to begin new ventures and excursions. If you don’t have someone to share that special midnight kiss with this year, you can always start planning for next year. For a little extra help, my services as a dating coach are never far (as long as you’re local)!


Put Yourself Out There

If you still find yourself single, maybe it’s time to start mingling! Or mingling more. Nowadays, everyone is busy on their phones, with work, or at home. It doesn’t exactly offer many ways to find that special someone. Everyone is focused with their own lives. Which is good, but it doesn’t offer a single person very many ins when you’re trying to spice up your love life. Or even create one. The first step for trying is wanting to try. Once you know what you want, the rest just requires some motivation. There are many options out there for you. Definitely a little hint to get you out there is to have some advice from a dating coach (hello!) to help you along. With a dating coach, you will have someone to guide you along and prevent fewer mishaps from occurring. Make your New Year’s resolution about getting out of the house and starting to put yourself in situations to find a relationship. Instead of fantasizing about having one, start making more of an effort so that by 2018 you can be kissing someone special when the clock strikes midnight.


Online Dating

The wonderful worldwide web is not short on dating sites. It has them in spades. The key is finding one that suits your preferences. As a dating coach, I can’t help but recommend shopping around. Spread your net wide, and you have more chances of catching a fish you want. The odds will go up of you sharing the new year with someone special in the future. And there are so many possibilities available at the click of a button! Anything from casual sites and apps like Tinder and PURE to more complicated ones like Coffee Meets Bagel or Bumble. The latter two are not the typical dating apps. With Coffee Meets Bagel, you only get one “bagel” a day. The bagel is a person with whom you might share interests. You have the rest of the day (24 hours) to decide whether you like that bagel. For women, Bumble is a safer option. Instead of both parties having the ability to message the other first, Bumble places the ball in the womens’ court first. If the girl doesn’t message the guy, then there won’t be a conversation to be had. There are many more dating apps out there. Just take the time and find one that suits your fancy.



Speaking of online options, there’s this one. Meetup.com is not strictly speaking a dating site. It basically shows you the hubs of local activity in your area. Perhaps there’s a group nearby that enjoys getting together to play video games together. Maybe there’s a devoted pack of peers that makes a habit of going to various cheese and wine tastings. Whether you are a foodie, a movie fan, a video gamer, or an avid book reader, there are many options to join in with people who have the same hobbies. If you don’t meet the love of your life, it’s still a great way to meet acquaintances and make friends. For New Year’s, be sure to check out what they might have planned for that night. There is no telling what shenanigans they could get up to together. You don’t always need a dating coach to be your wingwoman! In a group of people, you can feel comfortable knowing that the attention won’t be solely on you. When you’re in a small troop, you also won’t feel the pressure to focus on one person. Drift around, talk to multiple people, share your stories and jokes whilst enjoying the various interactions. Even if you don’t frequently access the website, or if you haven’t downloaded the app, there are other ways to stay update. Meetup will keep track of your preferences, and send you notifications through email about upcoming events, so you’re never left out.


Singles Events

There’s a website that shares information about upcoming events for single people. They vary in themes and what is involved. Whether face-to-face conversation is your cup of tea, dancing is your style, or you’re more into food and wine, there are various events just for you. Perhaps there are even some upcoming meetings not listed. You may want to look around for other sites, Facebook groups, or knowledgeable friends who may also be in the know. There may even be some fun events planned for New Year’s Eve, to give you a head start! You wouldn’t want to be left missing out on the chance to meet someone who could be your partner in crime for life! For proper social etiquette, check with your dating coach. I won’t leave you hanging.


Speed Dating

Ignore the awkward cheesy notion connected to this. You sit across from a stranger, and literally have a timed conversation with them. But speed dating doesn’t have to be that uncomfortable! Check with your dating coach on some killer ice breakers. Stay up to date on the latest movies and entertainment. You could amaze your partner and hit it off in under a minute! Sometimes pressure is good. In this instance, your mind works hard to create a bite-size conversation topic. Speed dating events do vary. Some may give you two minutes, others ten or even fifteen (although that isn’t very speedy). Regardless of the time limit, it pays to consider various interesting subjects. The more versatile you can be, the better your chance is with finding something in common with the person you get paired with! You never know. Meeting your future midnight kiss doesn’t have to be that daunting.

I truly hope you have a wonderful New Year! Don’t think that you have to be with someone for this time to be special. You are an amazing person all by yourself. It can’t help to add further awesomeness to you, though! Stay safe this holiday season. Whether you need a dating coach or not, enjoy the moments you make, because it’s goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!

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