Mens First Date Do’s and Don’ts

Many men mess up on their first date because they are not aware of the NYC Wingwomans guide for Mens first date do’s and don’ts. I am sure you’ve tried the macho route, the alter-ego – pretend to be genuine route, the act semi-interested route – and where did that all lead you? Here – still trying to have successful first dates. Mmhmm. So be honest with yourself and take these tips into consideration. By employing the Mens First Date Do’s and Don’t Guide tactics in your first dates, you might just have more success than ever before.


Oooh, if you want to know one thing that will truly frustrate a lady – don’t listen and stare, off. You will be stuck with the bill and an empty seat for the rest of dinner. This is a first date and you should be excited and genuinely interested in getting to know her. Take the time, ask questions and be interested. Regardless if it goes anywhere, make it special and a great conversation. That is a true gentleman.

DO: Get her Chair DON’T: Sit First

While many may think of this as the cliché thing to do – do you know how many men don’t do this? According to NYC Wingwoman’s guide for – mens first date do’s and don’ts, if you want to set yourself up for success on any date with a lady, take the initiative and take care of her. Open the door, get the chair and push her in. Ladies like to be taken care of – their princesses don’t forget! This will give her insight that you are a gentleman and not just are regular shmuck trying to meet her cat.

Mens First Date Do's and Don'ts

DO: Dress Well DON’T: Dress Normal

Ladies like a man who can take care of himself-  if you are showing up to your first date wearing normal and everyday clothes – just get back in the car and head home.  According to the mens first date do’s and don’ts, one area of your life you should invest in is your wardrobe for date-like occasions. While your first date is going to be fun and adventurous, you should take this opportunity seriously in this sense. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, go to the gym and wear nice clothes. Now, I am not saying getting yourself a Burberry suite and get buff – no, no, no! I am saying just feel and be healthy in the best way YOU can. Any lady will truly appreciate this.

DO: Leave Your Phone In The Car DON’T: Text and Date

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and saw two people at the table and one of them is constantly on the phone. How did that other person look – happy? Probably not! As a true and genuine gentleman, you should never put your phone before a date, especially the first date. This stands for when you have your girlfriend or wife- it does not matter.  The mens first date do’s and dont’s teaches- Don’t text and date – it’s dangerous and can be lethal to the date or relationship.

DO: Be You! DON’T: Lie

Women are natural born lie-detectors so according to the mens first date do’s and don’ts, Don’t try to be someone else or act like someone else. Your only focus on the entire first date should be to 1) be yourself and 2) get to know the lady you are with. Don’t make up stories about your friends or how much money you have. If you are seeking a successful first date, those things don’t matter. Through being yourself, you will have a genuine and happy date. Through making up some story about yourself, it gets awkward and she will slowly disappear out the door. Guess who is stuck with the bill? YOU!

Once you can master these five tips, your dating experience will be completely different. There is a reason why you are reading this, take the tip you need the most and employ it. Watch the magic work!