The Top Three Reasons Why Men Run After the First Date

Ladies, how many times have you gone on a date with a gentleman and for some reason, they end up running in the opposite direction? If this is frequently happening to you, it’s time to put on the brake and stop for just a minute. Now, normally when situations like this happen, everyone’s first instinct is to blame the man. While it would be nice if the man properly communicated how he felt, it’s the moment to self-reflect and realize what’s happening. It’s a hard truth to swallow, but for frequents, the blame is not on anyone but you. There is something you’re doing constantly that’s causing men to run in the opposite direction. These are the top three reasons why men run after the first date.


1. Clingy & Coming Off Strong

One of the main reasons why men are running is because on the first date with a woman, she comes off way too strong and extremely clingy. I mean, ladies this is your FIRST DATE. There is no reason to be attached to a man that you just met. At the same time, if you are coming off too strong, you are not being genuine or authentic. By relationship laws, if you are inauthentic yourself, all relationships with friends and your lover will be inauthentic. Take a breather, relax and enjoy the date for what it is; a first date! Oh and if you are thinking long-term on the first-date, you are already cheapening the first date. Put on the breaks to the past and the future, and enjoy the present moment. This does not mean to set up bed with the man either, just saying!


2. Unkempt

Another reason when men often don’t even make it to the bill is because the lady is unkempt. If you are coming to a date with messy hair, disoriented clothes and wacked mentality, you should not be surprised if the man is running away. If this sounds like you – lucky for you, this is super easy to fix. How? Take care of yourself! If you are planning to attract the man of your dreams, you need to treat yourself like you already HAVE the man of your dreams. Dress cute, treat your hair and nails, eat healthy, and work-out! Men like women who take care of their bodies and the minds.


3. Boring

If you come off boring and uninterested in the man, even if you really are interested, it’s a lost cause.


If you are expecting the man to be interested in you, be interested in him. Ask engaging questions, pick his brain, get to know the man, and tell jokes! A first-date is meant to be fun, intriguing and cute. If you are being a silent Sarah on the first date, not asking any questions and letting the man do all the talking, you might as well walk over to the exit and hold the door for him to walk out. One of the best advices I can give any woman is to brainstorm intriguing and fun questions to ask on your date. Get creative, have fun and be yourself!


A Successful Relationship

So ladies, if you are noticing a trend in your life of men running after the first date, instead of blaming the man, look in the mirror. Take the time to sit down with yourself and discover what patterns or habits are you exuding that is causing men to run away. If you can discover the self-truth, you will be one step closer to attracting the man of your dreams. Also, treat yourself today like you have the man of your dreams.

Don’t be sloppy, be classy.