Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

It’s wishful thinking to imagine yourself as just a little bit taller or that your beard grew in a tiny bit thicker. You maintain great hygiene, love your family, and have a nice set of pearly whites. So what’s missing? Well, everyone can stand to become a little more confident. Think of your friend who hasn’t a care in the world. He plays video games all day, binges on burritos, but kills it with the ladies. How? Because he has confidence. He is happy with himself, he likes where he’s at, and it shows! Anyone can gain confidence. It just takes time and practice.

Look ‘Em in the Eye

Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you’re doing it… Or rather, not doing it. But when you don’t maintain eye contact, you make whomever you’re talking to feel like you’re distracted. Like you would rather be elsewhere, talking to a different person. When you keep eye contact, you are silently telling them that they are the sole focus of your attention. But, please, don’t overdo it. If you stare at them endlessly, it’s gonna start to feel creepy. Look away casually for a moment or two. Look elsewhere when your conversation partner also breaks eye contact. But don’t look down! If you stare at your belly button, it will seem like you’re too nervous to look them in the face. Which you are not! Gain confidence by speaking directly to the ladies. Because they fully deserve your attention.

Forget the Joneses

If you haven’t been living under the rock, you’re aware of the saying “keeping up with the Joneses”. Hell, a movie even came out last year with the same title. It basically maintains that people will always strive to keep up with the people around them. Newer cars, cuter dogs, more Pinterest-inspired items around the house. Whatever it may be. And it’s one of the most exhausting things ever. Stop doing it. Maintain your own standards of living. Don’t look at someone else’s, wishing you had it. Enjoy your life and what you have for what it is. Your shoes are dope enough. Your phone is good enough. Your computer is fast enough. Once you start embracing this mentality, you’ll become more confident about who you are and what you have.

Keep it Positive

If you want to gain confidence, one of the most important key aspects is positivity.Confident men don’t convince themselves they’re unattractive or unappealing. They don’t spread nasty rumours about other people. They don’t condescend others or treat people rudely. Give and receive positivity. Even if people treat you with disrespect, don’t overreact and pay them back in kind. Be patient and gracious. Give people a second chance, especially when they don’t deserve it. Does this sound sappy? I mean, yeah, it does. But the best kind of people are the ones who are overflowing with positive energy. It’s almost impossible not to like them. Keep it confidant by staying positive about yourself and those around you.

Work Out

Okay, don’t get any ideas about this one. I don’t mean that you should get cut and ripped and swole so that women can’t help but check you out (because that’s hella superficial). But it’s been proven many times that exercise boosts dopamine levels. When this happens, your body naturally feels better about itself. Go for an easy jog rather than taking a nap. When do you feel more refreshed? If you regularly exercise, you’ll naturally gain confidence. You’ll feel and look so much better. Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Alright, I’m done with the inspirational messages. But honestly, when you begin to work out (even just a little), people will be able to tell that you are feeling better about yourself. In turn, they’ll react to you a lot more positively.

When it comes to increasing genuine confidence, a lot of it goes on behind the scenes. You may not wake up and feel 100% about yourself every day. But it’s a little every day. Working at achieving next-level confidence until you become the person you’re absurdly proud to be. Encourage yourself to never stop improving. You’ll thank me later. 😉