There are many misconceptions about how to be a good kisser. Old movies will have romantic scenes where one person’s face is practically horizontal to the other’s face. Their mouths are wide open and pushed together in what presumably was a romantic kiss. When we were younger, we just wanted to have our first kiss. We weren’t concerned about how sloppy or rushed it may be. But it’s so easy to get a kiss wrong, especially when you don’t know how to get it right. Now that we’ve grown and matured, it’s time to forget what you thought you knew and learn about how to actually improve your kissing game so that you’ll remain unforgettable (in a good way)!

Don’t rush it

The main thing about how to be a good kisser is that you can’t rush it. You shouldn’t force the moment. How do you know when the moment is right? I could write a whole different article on that! For the most part, pay attention to whether she’s looking into your eyes. If she’s more introverted, she might be focusing on a point somewhat near you. Not everyone is comfortable with direct eye contact. The most important way to find out if she’s into it would be to straight up ask. In the culture we are in today, it’s incredibly important to make sure that women feel safe and comfortable around you. Don’t play a guessing game in your head. If you ask her if she’s interested in you, or if she likes the fact that you have feelings for you, then you’re good! But please ask. Don’t be forceful with your intentions. If she only wants to be your friend, back off and meet someone else.

Keep the slobber to a minimum

I’m sure you’ve experienced some sloppy puppy kisses from someone, either drunk or sober. They’re wild, wet, and messy! But if you want to know how to be a good kisser, you have to avoid taking part in any of that. Nobody wants someone else’s drool covering the lower half of their face. Keep it clean. If you find yourself starting to salivate a lot during a kiss, take a moment and swallow before continuing. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do! With practice, you’ll be able to swallow quickly and keep kissing. But if you aren’t good at multitasking, there’s another method. Pull back, look her in the eyes, give a slow smile (and swallow), then go right back to kissing her.

Keep your breath fresh

So you brushed your teeth once this morning. That’s good. But now it’s 7 p.m. at night and you haven’t even been home all day. Even if you can’t be super hygienic and have the means to brush your teeth regularly, keep something around to freshen your breath up. Nobody likes smelly breath, guys. Seriously. It’s a problem. Keep some gum on hand or even some mouthwash to swirl and spit out the car window. Whatever it takes. There is no excuse to have bad breath. And it’s an immediate turn off when you lean in for the first kiss and end up blasting bad breath into your date’s unsuspecting nostrils.

Choose where to place your head

So you don’t want to crane your head sideways and get a nasty ache in your neck. And you don’t have to. Just so long as your nose isn’t bumping onto hers, it’s fine. Gently angle your head for maximum comfort, both for yourself and her.

Avoid probing her mouth with your tongue

Yes, French kisses are sexy. We all know. Do you know what’s not sexy? Having someone’s tongue lodged firmly in your mouth going around in circles like a washing machine. The key to French kisses is to not overload her mouth with your tongue. Rather, insert your tongue gently and curiously touch different parts of her mouth with it. Her gums, lips, and tongue need the attention. Just not too much of it. Try to think of it like your tongue is tickling hers. You don’t want to smother her tongue. You don’t want to viciously molest it. You do want to caress it. Keep it gentle and sensual.

Know what to do with your eyes

There’s an easily distinguishable line between creepy and sexy when it comes to having your eyes open during a kiss. You don’t want to have them open the whole time; that’s creepy. You can, however, occasionally peep at your date while you are sharing a kiss. You don’t have to have your eyes tightly shut the whole time. It’s a turn on to see how she is enjoying the moment. It’s nice to gauge whether she’s having as nice a time as you are. Just don’t keep your eyes open for too long. If she catches you staring, she might get creeped out simply because she has no idea how long you’ve been looking at her during the romantic moment.

Those are a few different ways of how to be a good kisser, although I’m sure there a lot more things that I didn’t even touch on. Let me know if these tips work for you!