Imagine… You see a beautiful woman that you would love to talk to, BUT she is surrounded by her group of girlfriends……You want to talk to her, but you know she seems busy with her “girls”. How do you approach women when they are in a group?

If you walk up to the girl you are interested in while she is with a group of friends and attempt to approach her and only her, I guarantee you are not going to get very far! She will either put her guard up, her friends will make you feel so awkward that you will not stand a chance, or they will make her feel weird for giving you the time of day. Unfortunately, It’s a loose loose situation…….So, how do you approach women who are out with a group?

Keep Reading to learn how to approach women when in a large group! 



First of all, NEVER ONLY approach the one woman you are interested in. If she is with a group of women you need to approach the group as a whole.

I always recommend starting off with a cute joke or a fun opening line. make them smile and see that you are a good/fun guy. Ask a question and start a discussion amongst the group! This will help you become a part of the group. Be playful, smile, and speak with confidence and DO NOT second guess what you are saying!



Once the women open up to you, DO NOT immediately speak to the girl you are interested in. Speak to her friends so that they feel comfortable with you and know that you are not a “bad guy”. This will also help the girl you are interested in see that her friends like you, which will automatically make her start to like you more!

Once you seem to have all her friends approval, move on to start speaking with the girl you are really interested in. Give her a a compliment that shows her that she stood out to you. If her friends try to come into the conversation allow them to! The worst thing you can do is reject a friend because then you will come off as threatening and will cause the friends to want to move on. Remember, they are all out together so they do not want to be taken away from each other… just yet ;).

When you notice the conversation picking up between the two of you, move around her so that in order for her to keep speaking with you she will have to turn her back to her friends. When her back is towards her friends, all her attention will be on you!!!

This leads me to my next suggestion. If you are out with friends, bring them with you to the group of girls. Bringing value to the group makes you look popular and “cool” and will help you approach women easier! Having a wingman or wing woman will help entertain the group of friends so that you can speak with the woman you are interested in without distractions and more easily.

Group Of Friends Enjoying Glass Of Champagne In Bar

It is easier to approach a group women then you think! Act confident and follow these tips  and contact the NYCwingwoman for questions :).