He’s Just Not That Into You!

There are many times that you will meet a person and be really digging their vibe. You may even feel like you are the perfect person for them. You will make them happy, be their confidant, and even make them a better person. But why are they just not into you? Will they ever be? Maybe He’s just not that into you?

Stop questioning this and ask yourself, If a they are not fully devoted to you and you can tell they are not fully into you, why are you pushing them to be? You deserve a person who will give you the same respect and love in return. Until you start treating yourself with this respect, they won’t either!  My advice is to move on from a person who is not fully into you and stop wasting your time! Why push someone to want you? You should desire a person who cares for you just as much as you care for them. Hold yourself to a high standard and if they are not meeting it, then move on!

He's Just Not That Into You

Sometimes we are given mixed signals, but do not look so much into this. In your heart  you should know if someone is good for you or not, so listen to it!  I always tell my clients to look at their relationship from an outsiders point of view. If your best friend was in this relationship, would you tell him/her to stay in the relationship or move on?

He's Just Not That Into You cant make him

If you are allowing a person to “string” you along then you are really only hurting yourself. You are not only putting yourself through an emotional roller coaster but you are wasting your time on a person who is clearly “NOT THE ONE”.  This may cause you to miss out on someone who actually is good for you because you are devoting your time on someone who is “Not that into you”.

He's Just Not That Into You -Ignores

Follow my tips below to find out if He’s Just Not That Into You!

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10 Tips that He’s Just Not That Into You!

  1. Doesn’t text you back for more than 24 hours
  2. He is always Busy
  3. You are the only one making plans and he/she isn’t putting in the effort
  4. Only calls you to come over and does not go out with you to social settings
  5. Only calls at the end of the night to come over- “Booty call” style
  6. Tries to change you
  7. Texting someone else during your date and maybe even hides their phone.
  8. Says he/she doesn’t want a relationship
  9. Introduces you to other people as their “Friend”
  10. Only on their time!