Ladies, aside from giving the other half of your heart a Reggie Wayne jersey (April Ludgate is forever goals) or cooking him his favorite meal, there are further options. As your dating coach, I have taken it upon myself to list a few gift ideas for him. But if he’s happy eating awesome food and wearing the jersey of his dreams, then go for it!


I Like Your Beard

  • Gift Ideas For him: Ever since Ke$ha adorably commented on her lover’s facial hair choices at the end of a song back in 2010, that line has stuck in my head. And honestly, what is there not to like about a beard? The way I look at it, it’s literally makeup for men. They can look amazing without them, but it makes many of them look that much more attractive. If the man in your life is beginning to resemble a lumberjack, you should definitely consider getting him a beard kit. There are various kinds you can find online. Some may come with beard oil, conditioner, combs, brushes, and other useful items that will keep his beard looking pristine AF.

Gift ideas for him

Shower Karaoke

  •  Gift Ideas For him: What is it with bathrooms having amazing acoustics? Is it the tile? The water? The smooth floors? Whatever it is, it makes singing in the shower loads of fun. Maybe your guy is not shy about belting it out when he hits the shower. This may seem like a small gift, but as your dating coach I can’t help suggesting a waterproof speaker. Make sure you take time to look at reviews, because some are not as well made as others. Don’t get a speaker with only two and a half stars just because it’s the cheaper option. There are some Bluetooth speakers that connect to your phone, so your phone doesn’t have to be close to the water and risk any damage. There are even some speakers that feature a suction cup, so you can stick them right to the inside of the shower. This is what dreams are made of.


Virtually Amazing

  • Gift Ideas For him: Virtual reality headsets have become quite popular. And though they can be a little pricey depending on your budget and the one you would want to get, they are loads of fun! Something I want to mention as your dating coach, is that it’s not just about entering another world and freaking yourself out. It also serves as a way to take a break and zone out, without having to walk outside your front door (looking at you, Pokemon Go. You can’t trick me into exercising that easily). If you ever get in a heated discussion, or if he’s had a difficult day at work, this would be a perfect outlet. He can easily let out steam by having a personalized adventure without even leaving the living room. Just don’t hold it against him when he chooses to escape into a virtual dimension!


You’re My Cup of Tea

  • Gift Ideas For him: Whether he’s a coffee drinker or a fan of tea, mugs are the perfect gift for anyone. Do one better and get a personalized mug. That could mean either ordering one online, or finding a print shop near you to do the trick. Think about something that you two share and makes you smile. As a dating coach, I have been privy to hearing many creative pick up lines, inside jokes, and cute comebacks. If one of these comes to mind (and isn’t too long), then all you need is to find the perfect mug!

Work It

  • Gift Ideas For him: If he likes keeping in shape, encourage him by adding to his workout gear. If he keeps getting annoyed with his earphone cords flopping around when he runs, get him some wireless headphones. Just be careful that he doesn’t lose them. Perhaps he only has a couple shirts that he works out in. Do him a favor by expanding his collection. Head to a sports attire store and pick up some shirts that are made from a material that won’t irritate his skin, and will allow him to breathe well when he starts working up a sweat. You want to make sure you get good quality. Put as much effort finding activewear for him, as you would when you are searching for the perfect blush or lip color.

Gift ideas for him

So there you have it! Hopefully some of these caught your interest. Naturally, there are definitely more great ideas. Does your guy not fit any of these criteria? Or maybe you he would rather receive at DIY type gift?  You can contact me and talk about it. As your dating coach, I am here for you and your love life. I want you to get the most out of your relationship, and for it to remain happy and healthy! On top of that, I hope that you have an amazing Valentine’s Day.