Transform Your Dating Life in 8 Weeks With Remote Coaching From Your Personal TEAM of Dating Experts
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If you want to learn how to naturally and authentically attract beautiful women — and transform your dating life in the quickest and easiest way possible — this might be the most valuable thing you’ll ever read on the subject.

Let me explain… here’s why.

My name is Cher Gopman, but you probably know me as the NYC Wingwoman.

Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of students here in New York City to help them meet and attract their dream woman. We’ve had countless success stories, including dozens of long-term relationships and even several marriages.

You see, unlike other dating coaches, most of my students have no interest in traditional “pickup” methods. They view it as weird and inauthentic.

And they’re right. While cheap lines and tricks might be enough for “scoring” one-night stands, they aren’t a foundation for building real, meaningful connections with women.

Because ultimately, such pickup “tactics” are fake and inauthentic. And by relying on “techniques” instead of becoming a naturally attractive person, eventually people see through the facade, and the relationship comes tumbling down like a house of cards.

This is why I don’t teach “pickup.” My students trust me because I offer them something different than most other dating coaches: I teach them how to be authentically attractive to women…

…From a Woman’s Perspective

Because as a female dating coach who has taught hundreds of students, I know exactly what women are attracted to, allowing me to give my students an “inside perspective” into female psychology and attraction.

I liked that her program was tailored to my own needs, rather than just a cookie cutter one, since every guy has a different journey and different challenges to overcome to be better with women

Using NYC wingwoman was one of the best decisions of my life- It changed my perspective on dating and ultimately led to me meeting someone incredible.

Cher and her team of coaches were incredibly helpful and supportive! They really helped me push past my hesitation of approaching women. I’ve started to build more self confidence through the things they’ve taught me, and can’t wait to build even more. They also helped me zero in on how I was sabotaging myself in dating, and showed me how to correct it. I’m now much more relaxed and confident in dating, and ready to have fun with the process. I can’t recommend NYC Wingwoman highly enough!

I have worked with the NYC Wingwoman team for a month and half and feel like a new man. Even my friends are noticing such positive energy coming from me!

The best part about this program is that you are working with experts in each area of your love life. It is not just one person who claims to “know it all”. These people are the real deal. I am forever grateful for the impact this program had on my life. They are seriously the best out there!

Let me explain…

You see, a lot of my expertise in helping guys become successful with women comes from my background as an actress.

When I set out to build a successful career as an actress, I moved to LA and gave myself 6 months to make a name for myself.

But I realized that, in acting (just like in dating), if you don’t make an effort to improve your social skills, become more charismatic, go out and meet people, and learn how to connect with them… nothing happens.

This is why some of the most charismatic and charming people on the planet are actors — it’s practically their job description. Just look at Will Smith, Gal Gadot, or George Clooney… among countless other examples.

Because regardless of their talent as an actor, without the ability to meet, charm, and connect with people in the acting industry, they don’t get work. Simple as that.

Later on, when I started teaching guys how to attract women, I realized that the struggles they have in dating are the same struggles I had when I was starting out as an actress…

Because whether it’s a beautiful woman on the street that you’re trying to attract, or a bigshot television producer you’re trying to network with at an acting event… the inner obstacles are the same.

  • Approach anxiety
  • Fear of rejection
  • Self-doubt and not feeling “good enough”
  • Not knowing what to say…
  • And on and on…

And yet, I knew that if I wanted to succeed as an actress,
I had to overcome these inner obstacles.

And I did it the same way that guys who are shy overcome their obstacles with girls to achieve the dating life they desire.

  • By pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.
  • By getting out and making an effort to MEET people… even when I felt too “nervous” to do so.
  • By giving myself permission to fail and get rejected — knowing that I’d eventually break through.
  • By learning how to be social, charming, and charismatic in any environment.
  • And by learning how to connect with people and build meaningful relationships with them.

It took a lot of trial and error… but eventually I “cracked the code” and made massive strides in my acting career.

And later, when guys started coming to me for advice on how to be successful with women, I realized that the “people skills” I learned to succeed as an actress were the exact same skills they needed to learn to attract women.

It was from this experience that my career as a dating coach began. My two brothers (and their friends) would tell me about the dating troubles they were having… So I’d give them some advice.

Later, they’d come back and tell me how my advice changed their life

They’d tell me how, after taking my advice, they were able to:

  • Get out of the “friend zone”
  • Overcome their nervousness and shyness and actually make a move
  • Overcome “not knowing what to say” and get the perfect words to “flow” out of them
  • Strike up conversations with women they don’t know and create immediate attraction
  • Connect with women on a deeper level and build amazing long-term relationships with them

You see, I never set out to become a dating coach… it happened naturally. I’d give guys advice, they’d implement it and see massive changes in their dating lives… and they’d refer their friends to me for advice.

I got really good at helping guys achieve results in their dating lives, and eventually I became known as the “NYC Wingwoman”.

And today, I have incredible success stories among my students — including hundreds of dating lives transformed, dozens of high-quality long-term relationships, and even several marriages.

You see, unlike traditional “pickup” that just teaches you various “lines” and “tactics”, I focus on helping you authentically relate to women and attract them naturally, without having to use weird “pickup lines” or canned scripts.

And after coaching hundreds of students, I started to see the same patterns over and over again…

I realized that there’s really five main areas that guys struggle with most when it comes to their dating life…

1.) Mindset

The first step to meeting beautiful women is to get out there and actually make an effort to meet them. Unfortunately, many guys aren’t able to do this because of inner blocks that subconsciously sabotage their success with women.

So the first step is to remove those inner blocks, build rock-solid inner confidence, and “prime” your mind so you always come up with the perfect thing to say in any situation.

Once you have this down, you have the “mindset” that it takes to easily strike up conversations and connect with beautiful women wherever you go — whether it’s on the street, in a bar, or on the internet. 

2.) Presentation

You don’t have to be society’s definition of a “male model” to attract model-caliber women.

In fact, this is something the old-school “pickup coaches” actually got right. “Looks” don’t matter nearly as much as how you present yourself.

Your “presentation” is based on the way you dress, your body language, and the way you express yourself. And unlike genetics, it’s entirely within your control.

So while you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth to be a highly attractive man, you do need to understand how to present yourself well — and it’s something anyone can do with the right knowledge.

3.) Charismatic Communication

The third step to becoming a naturally attractive man is learning how to speak and carry yourself in a way that radiates charisma, warmth, and likeability.

A lot of my students are engineer or analyst types who are naturally very logical and calculating.

This is a big advantage in your career, but when it comes to socializing, it can actually be a drawback.

This is because being charismatic and creating deep connections with women requires you to let go, tap into the emotional side of yourself, and express yourself naturally — without thinking and calculating every word and action.

4.) Online Dating

Once you’ve got the foundation of mindset, presentation, and communication down, it’s time to put your skills to the test with online dating.

If you’ve tried online dating before, you’ll know that meeting women on Tinder, Match, OKCupid, or any other online dating app can be a tricky and frustrating experience.

Many of my students report feeling frustrated with online dating before they work with me. They’re frustrated by how hard it seems to get women to pay attention to them online.

The bad thing about online dating is that there is a lot of competition. This means that unless you have a great profile and know how to be captivating in your text messages, it’s very hard to grab women’s attention.

The good thing is that by knowing a few key techniques and strategies, you can easily set yourself apart from every other guy on these dating apps and effortlessly attract women online.

5.) Offline Dating

The final step is meeting and building connections with women in real life.

How many attractive women do you see in your everyday life?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to effortlessly strike up a conversation and create an immediate connection with them?

And once you’ve met these women — whether on the street or on Tinder — what do you do when you’re on an actual date with them?

How do you spend the first, second, and third dates?

And when you’re ready… how do you turn these dates into a meaningful, lasting relationship?

You see, offline dating is completely different than online dating, and most guys get stuck when it comes to attracting and connecting with women in real life.

After discovering these 5 key areas that guys struggle with, I had a “lightbulb” realization…

I realized that the best coaching program would need to address each of these areas in a comprehensive, focused way to create the very best results for my students.

So I decided to tailor my coaching in a way that allows you to rapidly master all 5 of these areas in the shortest time possible.

But to provide the most transformative coaching possible, I realized I wouldn’t be able to do it alone…

I realized that, although my students always got incredible results from working 1-on-1 with me, they could achieve even greater results by working directly with a team of specialized coaches…

Specifically, a team of 5 coaches that specialize in each of the 5 areas.

With this “dream team” of specialist coaches, I realized we were able to dramatically improve the results for our students by offering them something no other dating company offers…

Your own TEAM of expert dating coaches — with specialized lessons that are custom-tailored to you

There are 3 major advantages to this. When you work with a team of expert coaches, you get:

Multiple Perspectives

One of the biggest advantages of having a team of specialized coaches, instead of just one, is that you get feedback from different perspectives.

By having a team of specialized coaches, all analyzing your “weak spots” in each particular area, you’re able to get a crystal-clear picture of exactly what you’re doing well, and what you need to improve.

And with each coach analyzing your weak spots in their particular niche, they’re able to create lessons that are custom-tailored in each of these areas… allowing you to improve much faster than if you only had the limited perspective of a single coach.

Laser-Focused Expertise

A generalist coach who tries to teach too many things (online dating, offline dating, relationships, etc.) is unable to specialize… making them a “jack of all trades, master of none”.

You see, there are a LOT of things that go into having an abundant, fulfilling dating life. If a single coach tries to teach you all of these things, you risk getting overly-general knowledge that is “a mile wide and an inch deep”.

As a result, you don’t make the kind of progress you could if you focused on one specific area.

But on the other hand, if you just focus on ONE area — such as online dating — you miss out on other important things, such as knowing what to actually do when you meet in-person.

But by having a variety of coaches uniquely specialized in their field, you’re able to make rapid laser-focused progress in every area of your dating life — allowing you to get results much more quickly and efficiently than if you only worked with a single coach.

Individualized Attention

Arguably the biggest drawback of most coaches is that, quite simply… their time is limited. There are only so many students they can work with 1-on-1.

As a result, many coaches do away with 1-on-1, personalized coaching altogether — opting for “group video call coaching” — where the coach gives a lecture while a large number of students (often 20-40+) passively listen.

But you already know this isn’t a very effective way to learn. Think back to when you were in school, for example…

If you’ve ever experienced the difference between being one of many students in a large classroom, versus getting personalized 1-on-1 instruction from a teacher, parent, or mentor… you know that 1-on-1, personalized coaching is far more effective than group coaching.

The reason for this is simple. When you work 1-on-1 with an expert, you get coaching that is custom-tailored to you.

By working directly with you, they’re able to identify your weak spots and give you specific instructions for exactly how to fix them.

The combination of these 3 things is what makes this coaching course uniquely customized, comprehensive, and in-depth at the same time…

...Allowing you to transform your dating life in the most effective and efficient way possible over the course of 8 weeks.

You Will Learn:

  • How to overcome fear of rejection
  • How to discover deep self worth
  • The unconscious “limiting beliefs” that hold you back from attracting the kind of women you desire
  • How to build extreme self-confidence (and become magnetically attractive to women as a result)
  • How to love yourself so others love you
  • The “attraction triggers” that make women want to date you… (and no, it’s not about using cheap “pickup” lines or silly tricks)
  • How to tap into your natural charisma and charm (hint: it’s about authentically expressing your unique personality – not trying to live up to the “James Bond” stereotype of a charismatic man)
  • How to find your perfect match (and meet your “dream” girl)
  • How to naturally attract love into your life
  • How to become the man that girls are excited to date (so they can’t wait to see you again)
  • How to create a magnetically attractive online dating profile that gets you 10x more matches (this will allow you easily stand out over all the other guys online)
  • Learn which photos attract women… and which ones repel them (they’re often not the ones you would expect)
  • How to write a killer profile description that women LOVE
  • Learn how to start conversations online that get you noticed (this is the difference between the girl either ignoring you or pursuing you)
  • How to flirt and create “sexual chemistry” over text
  • How to arrange dates over text (and get girls eager to go out on a date with you)
  • How to have captivating facetime/phone dates that make her excited to see you in person
  • How to woo her with words and never run out of things to say
  • How to be dateable when you come out from behind the screen
  • How to be suave and charming in person (and make her thrilled to be around you)
  • How to have captivating conversations that build chemistry, rapport, and connection
  • The best locations for the first, second, and third date
  • Learn how to become that social, confident, outgoing guy that is able to connect with women anywhere and everywhere (whether it’s on the street, in a bar, or at a cafe)
  • Simple ways to instantly improve your style (without spending a fortune on overpriced designer clothes)
  • Simple body language techniques that instantly make you more attractive
  • How to master your flirt game and create strong sexual tension
  • How to build powerful rapport that makes her fully engaged in the conversation
  • Learn how to build deep, meaningful connections that lead to long-lasting relationships
  • And much, much more

For a limited time, we are offering Virtual Mock Dates so you can learn exactly what you are doing well, and what you need to improve on.

But here’s the catch…

I believe in quality over quantity — I would rather help a select few students achieve life-changing results in their dating life… than help hundreds of students achieve “modest” progress.

This is why I’ve chosen to continue offering 1-on-1 coaching instead of the impersonal “group coaching” a lot of dating coaches offer.

And since we work 1-on-1 with each and every student, there are a limited number of students we’re able to take on.

So if you’re ready to finally have the dating life you desire and attract amazing women, click the button below to fill out the application form.

I will talk to you personally to learn about your biggest sticking points in dating and give you free advice for how to improve.

And whether we’re able to accept you into the program or not, you WILL get free, invaluable advice in this free discovery call that will give you clarity in your dating life, and useful steps you can take.

Afterward, if you qualify and if we’re able to take you on as a student, my team of expert dating coaches will work with you directly to rapidly master every area of your dating life over the course of 8 weeks.

So click the button below

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