5 Tips to making him want you MORE on a first date;

Second date guaranteed

First dates are always nerve-racking because you want it to go perfectly!

But, is there a right or a wrong way to act on a first date? The answer is YES! The goal of every first date should always be to get a second date, however how you act on your first date will determine the future outcomes. I know this sounds like a lot of pressure, but if you follow these 5 tips, you will be sure to get a second date- which is ultimately the goal of the first!



When you talk to much about your personal history, you may scare him away. This is because you are not giving him enough time to learn about the good qualities you have first. You want him to know all the great things about you before you bring up any negativity, this way the positive will outweigh the negative!

Make Him Want You More on a First Date!date gone wrong

When you talk to much about yourself on a first date, you also risk taking away time from learning about your date and whether or not he is even right for you.


When you go on a  first date tell yourself that this is an interview- NOT FOR YOU, but for him! This date is for you to see if you even like this guy and if he is worth investing your time and energy into! Your time is precious, so treat it that way!

Guys will never admit it, but they LOVE to talk about themselves, and they LOVE a girl who finds what they say interesting.

Most women have a best friend they tell everything too, but not all men are yappers like us. Many don’t have a specific person that they tell their feelings to, which is why they are looking for that special partner. When they find a person that they feel comfortable speaking to, the connection will become even stronger!

*NYC Wingwoman tip- Always act intrigued! Even if you are bored with what they are saying, act interested. If you like this person, then what’s important to them should be important to you too! During the first date, you might not even be sure if you like the man you are out with, but still ask questions and act intrigued, because YOU want to be the one to make the final decision as to whether you go on a second day or not!

smile date 2

TIP # 3- SMILE!!!

Remember, this is a DATE… NOT a PUNISHMENT!  Smile and have fun with it, because if you are enjoying yourself and showing you’re having a good time, most likely he will be too! Remember, no one likes a “Debby downer”! Also, smiling shows that you are approachable and easy/fun to be around.




I have heard every excuse in the book as to why a girl thinks it is ok to sleep with a man on the first date, but I promise you it is worth waiting for!

I believe a kiss goodnight is almost always ok, but never sex.

When starting out a relationship you should firstly want it based around your heart, not his D***!

Guys love the chase, and when you give it up on the first date, the chase is all gone!


A relationships potential is endless when you do not sleep together on the first date, however the relationship can be halted by sleeping together on the first date. So please do me a favor and think with your head…. not anything else;).

*NYC wing woman tip- Do not even go back to his house/ do not invite him back to your house after a first date. You do not want to risk putting yourself in a “sticky” situation.

First Date


If the date is going great, do not jeopardize it by spending all night or day together. Cut it short, so that a second date can follow. If you are together for to long to soon, you risk running out of conversation, things becoming awkward, or moving to fast to soon. Give a kiss goodbye and keep him wanting more!

First Date cut the night

NYC WING WOMAN TIP- * Prepare an excuse as to why you can’t continue the date to late and stick to it! ….Always keep him thinking about you!

My Story: On my first date with my husband we went to dinner, after dinner he invited me back to his house to “watch a movie”. I knew if I went back to his house I would potentially be putting myself into a situation that I knew I should not be in on the first date. I told him I had to go to my friends house, but that I wished I could spend more time with him and maybe another day.

He called me the next day to ask me on a second date! Later in our relationship he told me that if I would have gone back with him after our first date (like he had asked), most likely we would not be together today. He said that at the time, he would have probably looked at me like any other girl (because I would be doing what most girls do).  Instead I made him work for my trust and love, which made him look at me differently than anyone else!

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