First Date Checklist for Men 

With a first date scheduled and only a couple days away – men, you have no idea what to do, do you? After so many first dates that seemingly did not end the way you wanted – you are finally ready to learn how to successfully have a first date. That’s awesome! Lucky for you, we put together a first date checklist of all of the things to remember, buy and consider before heading on your first date. If you can follow this list, you are bound for a successful first date! Here is the first date checklist for men!

Checklist for Men!

  • Outfit
    • Okay, clothes are always important for any first date but you are not going to wear just any random clothes. This is your opportunity to dress up and feel good on the inside. You don’t need to buy a suit or anything like that. What you do need is a nice and simple button down shirt, potentially a new pair of jeans and a nice pair of black loafers. Now this is just an idea, but it’s all about presentation. Ladies note this! Don’t forget this item on your first date checklist!

Checklist for men checklist for men

  • Your Scent
    • It’s imperative that every man has his own cologne that defines him. When a lady comes to give you a hug, what do you want her to smell? Take the time one day and go to one of your local department stores (Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s) and smell of the different colognes. This is something that should represent you.
  • Your Hair
    • Surprisingly, women really do pay attention to your hair. You will want to make sure you take care of your hair – that might mean picking up some new products from the salon or the store. You can always schedule an appointment at a hair salon to get your hair styled for under $30 at some locations.
  • Money
    • Never forget your money. Surprise the woman with a free dinner. While there is some societal expectation that a man should always pay – it does not happen as often as you think. You may catch her off guard and she will appreciate that. Don’t forget this item on your first date checklist!
  • Set an intention
    • One of the most important factors of the first date checklist is to set an intention. Don’t go into your date without out – it’s bound to end up ugly.

Be Prepared, Be Simple, Be You

With your first date around the corner, the best advice anyone can ever give you is to be prepared, be simple and be you. Don’t overcomplicate the date by trying to be someone else, just be you! Follow this first date checklist and you are already one step ahead of the game!