First Date Checklist for Women

For many women, a first date can be quite nerve wracking, which is why a “Dating Checklist” is a necessity!  Before the date, there are thousands of questions that are running through your mind such as: what top to wear? what bottom to wear? what type of shoes to wear? what type of makeup? what color makeup? what bra is the most comfortable? what is he going to be like? what will he be wearing? will he pay? what’s my backup plan? Oh my gosh, does that not sound like you? It’s okay to admit it, but honestly, a first date for you should be an experience of a life time and should not consume that much time for you. With that being said, to help you out a bit, I developed a handy first date checklist for all of the ladies! Forget about the checklist and keep one word in mind, SIMPLE! Check this out ☺


  • Don’t complicate – be yourself! Dress comfortably and feel sexy.
    • Reality is, if you try to dress up to the nines and you are not comfortable – that’s another problem on its own. Don’t complicate what to wear – be smart and comfortable. Strapless dresses or anything of that nature is totally not necessary. A true and genuine first date will compliment on you regardless of what you are wearing. Feel sexy on the inside and exude it!
  • Comfy flats
    • When it comes to shoes – while heels can be a sexy add-on, don’t do it for the first date if you are not comfortable in heels. Your goal of meeting a genuine man is not going to be determined on the height of your heel. It’s important for the most prized position, you, to be conformable.
  • Makeup Game
    • Instead of worrying about all the different colors and options for your makeup, go natural and simple. If you can guess a theme for a first date, it’s simple! Don’t cake on the makeup, be authentically beautiful.Dating Checklist
  • Wallet with money!
    • Don’t even think about the man paying for your meal. Some of you may be scuffing about this one, but hear me out. Instead of wasting time worrying or thinking about whether he is going to pay – why not just be surprised? Forget the whole story-creating and just bring money.
  • Your Scent Game
    • Every lady needs a scent – a delicious smelling perfume that tells a story. Imagine yourself giving a hug on the first date, what do you want his impression to be of how you smell? You have a couple options:
      • Floral (For a more sophisticated scent)
      • Sweet  (For a more playful scent)
      • Old and Dusty (I hope you can sense my sarcasm)
  • Meditate
    • This may be a first but you need to hear this out! If you are not familiar with this method, it can truly transform any date experience. Rather than going into a date unexpected, meditate and set a proper intention for how you would like the date to go. Many people talk about intention-setting and writing, this is your opportunity to use this in your relationship and dating life as well.
  • Cellphone – BYE!
    • Keep your cellphone in the car – or keep it in your purse. Show your date the respect they deserve.

Smile, Laugh, Enjoy!

With your first date coming, don’t ask yourself or worry about all of the questions. Be simple! It’s an authentic, genuine and easy route. Any man can appreciate a lady who is genuine and herself without all of the complex additions. Follow this dating checklist and just remember, the most important thing is not your clothes, heels or makeup, simply smile, laugh and enjoy!