Why You need a Dating Coach

Question: When you go to the gym, how do you obtain best results?
answer: Work with a Personal Trainer


Question: If you need to go on a diet and have tried everything out there, what do you do?
Answer: Contact a dietician


Question: If you are having no luck in the relationship department, what do you do?
Answer: Call a dating coach!




Hi, I am Cher Gopman and I am a dating coach! My goal is to give you the tools needed to have a successful relationship. I also teach you techniques to attract and retain love! No one is perfect and everyone has flaws. My job is to help you figure out what your flaws are in the dating department and give you the tool to fix them, so that you can have long-lasting and meaningful relationships!

Who do you work with? MEN and WOMEN!

As I woman, I understand women and understand the mistakes we make when it comes to dating men. I have “been there and done that”. I am married and know which of my techniques really do work. Women feel comfortable around me because I am genuinely there to help them succeed and will coach them all the way to the alter!

I also work with men, because as a woman, I know what women want and I give you the information to give us exactly that! I want you to show off your best you so that you can meet the classy women that you deserve!

Dating Coach
A date coach helps men and women revitalize their love lives through behavior modification, role-play, and gaining a sense of self. Sometimes we all need a person in our life who is going to tell it to us  straight. A person who will sit down and really listen to how we are feeling and give us genuine advice/ feedback to better our relationships!

dating coach

If you are interested in a dating coach email info@nycwingwoman.com or Call 646-883-2831