Virtual Date is the new date experience! 

As governments invoke emergency powers to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and social distancing measures make it impossible meeting people in bars, cafes or restaurants, love is still finding a way via dating apps. As folks figure out how to adjust their lives to a new normal that includes avoiding contact with other humans in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic you don’t have to postpone your dating life. 

Now that we are all social distancing, going on dates has become few and far between. People are instead turning to face time dates instead of in person dates. Without the worry of finding the perfect outfit, making your suave moves to land the kiss, you instead get the chance to really focus on your date and get to really know the person and see if you connect emotionally. The corona virus is forcing people to stay home and thereby build emotional connections prior to physical ones which will most likely lead to stronger relationships.

It might feel like a weird time to be thinking about dating, but really, you’re not alone. In Louisville, bars and restaurants are closed. And if you live in the San Francisco, New New York, you couldn’t go out casually even if you wanted to. It is time to get ready to go on a virtual date.


Virtual date?

Why should I go on a virtual date?

One reason you should consider the virtual date is to see if there’s any real-life chemistry between you and your match. Messaging is great, but it leaves a lot out of the romance equation with the body language, the sound of someone’s voice, that ineffable way people have about them that make them who they are. We are all just bundles of meat and twitching nerves looking for others that twitch in the same way. The sooner you figure out whether you are attracted to each other without this barrier of faceless, finely crafted texts, the better.

Another reason has to do with safety. Asking for a quick phone call or video chat can be one way to make sure the person you’re talking to is who they say they are.

Quick Steps to Follow

#1 Set a time, once you’ve matched and hit that spot in the conversation where one of you might suggest meeting up, instead set up a time to video chat that works for the both of you and stick to it.

#2 Pick a platform, depending on which app you’re using, you might have access to a video chat feature.

#3 Try not to look like a hostage, first impressions are important. Social distancing does not mean stop shaving. Still dress to impress :).

#4 Put the same amount of effort into this date as you would if you were meeting up in person.

#5 Consider how your surroundings will show up on camera. Remove yesterday’s pants from the window sill.

#6 Don’t feel obligated to chat for hours. Maybe it’ll be 30 minutes, or maybe you’ll hit it off. Stay open

#7 Don’t forget your charger! Video chat can eat up your battery. Don’t get caught in the red. Charge up beforehand, and ensure you a have a charger nearby in case you need a boost.

So there you have it. The era of the virtual dates is born. And I promise it can be fun too! Building an emotional connection before a physical connection has been shown to increase success in relationships. Why not give it a try? Let me know how it goes for you! 🙂 Stay safe and healthy everyone!