The 101 On How to Communicate with A Woman

This one is for all the men out there who are ready to learn how to communicate with a woman. For some of you, it seems like a mystery book or chemistry question that you just don’t understand. The reality is, it’s easy, it’s simple and all it takes is passion. It has been said numerous times that communication is the key to any form of success. If you are lacking skills in the communication department, that is the cause of all miscommunication. When it comes to your lady, rather than have any more miscommunication, try these tips on how to communicate with a woman.

Active Listening Vs. Passive Listening


This is easily one of the best tips anyone can ever give you. In ANY conversation with ANY human being, there are two sides to the story, listening and talking. Without full attention of either, there is truly no conversation. For you to communicate properly with a woman you need to become an ACTIVE LISTENER. Put a muzzle on the voices inside your head, concentrate on the woman and listen to what she has to say. In fact, when she is done, don’t just nod, ENGAGE! Become ACTIVE with the conversation. That’s how to communicate! If you want learn how to communicate, it starts here. Most men in the world practice passive listening – that ends up in arguments, fights and eventually one sleeping in the bed, and one the couch. Guess where the passive listener gets to sleep?

Attention to Detail

Have you ever taken the time to pay attention to your lady’s gestures or her facial expressions? How about have you ever taken the time to notice her body movements or sighs? This is all about attention to the small details. There is a reason why this is called COMMUNIATION! Nonverbal communication is STILL communication. If you are seeking how to communication with a woman, learn to pay attention to her details. It’s here that you can discover how she really feels and let me tell you – that matters the most! If you don’t know how she feels – that’s a problem.

Be and Sound Sensitive

Men this is a big one! In society, you are told to sort-of mask your sensitive and that to demonstrate any form of sensitivity is a weakness. Can I tell you a big secret? This is one of the most debilitating lies and illusions in the world. Any woman would love for a man with a heart to sit down and listen to what is happening. Woman like to talk about their problems and discover a solution – open your heart up and listen if you want to master how to communicate. I can promise, if you can open your heart and be and sound sensitive, you will jump to the master’s class of communication 101. This is how you truly communicate.

It’s Not That Hard

Listen, don’t make it much harder than it needs to be. Be genuine, be authentic, be a gentleman. If you are ignoring your woman or not properly communicating with her, you are opening doors of arguments, anger and frustration. Shut those doors and open the doors to clarity, love, compassion and open-communication. When you can recognize these doors, it’s there that you understand how to communicate with women.