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The NYC WINGWOMAN Team is currently offering qualifying individuals the chance to change their love life in one weekend. 

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The NYC WingWoman has been featured on news channels and media outlets worldwide. Her knowledge is highly sought after and if you’re reading this;  The NYC Wingwoman team is still booking clients for one on one date coaching in the NYC area .


If you’re looking for help to ‘get you back out there’ on the dating scene, or advice on how to start dating seriously for the first time, then you’ve come to the right place.
Everybody needs somebody to love – and I want to arm you with the tools you need to find yours.

Look, I get it, if you’re not confident about the whole dating ‘thing’, then it can seem hugely daunting. But, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. I specialize in helping men aged 21 – 50 to understand women, connect with them confidently and authentically, and go on to build long-term, happy relationships..


“My dating life is a disaster”

“People say I’m a nice guy, but I rarely get a 2nd date”

“I want to meet more women, but I don’t know how”

“I get tongue-tied and nervous around women”

“It’s been so long since I’ve been on a date, I’m not sure what to do!”

It’s time to stop worrying about dating. I understand, dating can be pretty scary, it leaves you with lots of questions that you don’t have answers for. Luckily, I can tell you exactly what women want and can teach you to become a way better ‘dater’ than you ever thought was possible.

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I know you’re not a sleazy guy, you’re looking for love and companionship. The trouble is, the vast majority of dating coaches are men who teach you cheap pick-up tricks that help you score ‘one night stands’ rather than find your perfect partner. So, the fact that I’m a female in a man’s world is both my unfair advantage AND yours.

I can help you look at dating from the women’s perspective and help you develop authentic dating skills that’ll help you become a massive success with woman. These skills will stand you apart from every other clueless guy in the club and give you the confidence to approach any woman you want. The key to finding the woman of your dreams is understanding how they think, what they want, and what they don’t – and this is where The NYC Wingwoman team can help you.


As the old saying goes, there’s no substitute for hard work – so there’s no place for gimmicks or tricks in my coaching program.

Instead, you will work with my team of experts to improve every aspect of your social and dating skills, bit by bit, give you real-time feedback and constant iterative improvement.

It’s no exaggeration when I say that working with our team will change your life. Once you finish my program you’ll be armed with incredible tools and techniques that you can use to find your dream partner and improve every aspect of your life.

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Ready to become the next NYC WingWoman success story?

One weekend to change your love life! 

Session 1-Welcome Skype Session

Your introduction to the weekend will be with Coach David.  This socialite will be the first to admit he previously had trouble with dating for years. He eventually sought out coaching and devoted his life to mastering the art of approaching women and dating them with confidence. In your 1-hour Skype session, he’ll share his secrets with you, give you tips to up your game, and help you become a huge success with women! You will meet the man who was once in your shoes, and he will show you how this program will change your life.

Session 2- Mock Date

A mock date is a real date! The only difference is that after the date you are given full feedback as to everything you did well, things to improve on for next time, and how to keep your date wanting more.  A mock date gives the inside scoop on what women actually think about you when you’re trying to put your best foot forward. This is the only chance you will ever have to get that raw and honest feedback as to how you actually are as a date and how your date perceives you. It is an invaluable tool that will transform how you date!

  Prior to this session you will be sent an online dating profile so that you can prepare for your mock date as you would any other online-to-in person first date. At a certain point, your date will call “cut” on the evening. At this point you will have a few minutes to go to the restroom and take a breather while your “date” compiles her notes and gives you the full authentic truth as to how she felt about your dating skills.  You will receive detailed feedback on where you excelled and what pitfalls you must avoid. The bottom line: your mock date-turned coach will tell you whether your time together would have scored you a second date, or if she would’ve ghosted after the evening.  She will answer all your questions as she gives you actionable steps to become a better dater.

Session 3- Intro to flirting

Women know within the first few seconds of meeting you whether there is potential interest or not. They want to be “wowed”, but need to feel comfortable with your presence.  You may be surprised how easy it is to come off as a creep!  Your conversation/flirting technique needs to be very strong from the get go. How you make her feel with your first few words has the ability to change everything. You will meet with our conversational specialist to up your flirting game, as she helps you perfect your own flirtation methods.  We know everyone does it differently, but starting and holding a meaningful conversation will always keep her attention.  She will teach you ice breakers, banter, body language, and the art of seduction.  You don’t want to miss this session

Session 4- Practice makes perfect

How many times have you let that super attractive girl pass you by because you couldn’t think of what to say quickly enough? We know that you only have one shot, and our coach will teach you how to use any opportunity to approach women in any situation. How you approach her and start a conversation is critical, and while many “pick-up artists” will tell you pre-rehearsed lines to say, we focus on techniques and situational maneuvers to approach in an authentic and genuine manner. Take it straight from the source: girls can always tell if you seem phony or using pick up lines. We teach you how to harness your inner confidence and give you the tools necessary to know what to say to women that you are attracted to without using cheap pick up lines. In this rehearsal session, you will have the opportunity to practice approaches, tonality, and conversation techniques, all while being given full feedback from your coach.  

 Session 5 – Real-Time Feedback

It’s time to hit the streets! Say goodbye to the days when you let beautiful women pass you without knowing what to say.  First things first, sit back and watch the master show you how it’s done.  You will see that within the first few seconds, the connection is made and all the magic can begin. Now its your turn, but you won’t be on your own.  Since we know how scary the approach can be, we will be close by listening in through an ear piece, and after each approach you will get full feedback so you can keep improving.  You will try out approaches with women in public places such as parks, grocery stores, shopping plazas, and public transportation, so you can be prepared in any situation.  You’ll be surprised how quickly the experience goes from frightening to rewarding, and before you know it you’ll be ready to approach women with confidence and ease!

Session 6- Wing-Night

This is what you’ve been waiting for.  Whether your into bars, clubs, lounges, raves, or all of the above, we will take you out to hit the town! With you on your journey will be your “secret wingman”, but others will know him as your best friend or cousin (whatever story you decide to tell).  Your coach will show you how to open up conversations with groups or single women, and how to form meaningful connections with those that pique your interest. When the music is loud, body language and escalation of contact is critical, and you will learn the appropriate techniques so you can show your romantic interest while staying a gentleman.  This night will be unforgettable, so make sure you bring your A-game.  Next time you go out solo or with your friends, you will know exactly what to do to turn a quiet night into an epic story. 

Session 7- Online Dating

 Online dating has exploded in the past decade. With all the sites and apps available, the modern dating scene has truly gone digital.  Now that you have the tools necessary to flirt in person, we want you to be able to meet women wherever you may be.  You will meet with our online dating specialist who will help you revamp your online profile and give you honest feedback as to what image your profile portrays. She will teach you how to best market yourself in the modern dating world, with personalized tips to match your style and interests. She will also take a look at your recent messages and give you techniques to improve your online flirting skills. Your digital footprint will transform and you will go from ghosted to most right-swiped.  This total online dating profile revamping is a game changer!

Session 8- The Approach 

Using all the techniques you learned throughout the weekend, you will put it all together for another day time approach session where the apprentice becomes the master. With enough confidence, any man or woman can be approached, and a long-term relationship can be built from the ground up.  The tools you will learn from these approach sessions will carry over to every interaction in your daily life, whether at work, with family or friends, and in any social situation. The confidence you gain from this experience is unlike anything else, and will stick with you long after the program finishes. We know you can change your life and we will be there rooting for you every step of the way.

Session 9- Wrap up

The NYC Wingwoman has taught thousands of students from all over the world. Her clients have gone from zero to hero, dateless to married, and everything in between.  She has given you all the tried and tested tools through her coaches, and now you will have the opportunity to ask her directly any questions you have in this one hour wrap up phone call. She will have your weekend report from each coach and will go over their feedback and give you her input as well. This mastermind call will be your chance to reflect on the weekend, and create an action plan going forward so you can continue to build momentum on the progress you have made.  

This is one weekend jam-packed with one-on-one coaching to really change your love life.  We’ve got you covered from all angles, and by the end of it you’ll be ready to take the NYC dating scene by storm and meet your dream woman.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this.”


When it comes to dating, chances are you’re holding back on finding happiness because you’ve got
questions you need answers to like:

– How do I approach women without seeming like a creep?

– What can I say to get a girl’s number?

– I’ve been too busy for dating lately, how do I get back in the game?
– I never get a second date, what am I doing wrong?

– How can I meet people without apps like Tinder?

– How can I become more confident around women?

Well, stop worrying, I don’t just give you a few ‘top tips’ and send you out into the world – I’m here to help you with EVERYTHING dating related – it really is the complete dating coaching experience.

Stick with me and I’ll help you to do things like:

– Discover how to flirt confidently without feeling like a
dork or coming on too strong.

– Think about your goals for a relationship – are you ready
to meet the ‘one’ right now?

– Find the perfect meetups and singles hotspots to get you
out there and mingling

– Create a kick-ass online dating profile that women won’t be
able to resist


– Understand the strategies that’ll keep your date coming
back for more

– Dry runs, practice sessions, role-plays, and ‘in the field’
training to perfect your technique

– Learn incredible conversation techniques so you never run
out of things to say

– Advice on how to take the next steps in your new
relationships and avoid the ‘friend-zone’

– Get an expert eye on your style, so you’re all spruced
up and looking hot for your dates

– Get the inside scoop on techniques that’ll help you
approach and attract amazing women

This is just a taste of everything you can learn when you decide to master the dating game with the NYC Wingwoman Team.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to look for your perfect coaching package.