Where to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams – The 6 Best places

Where to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams

Let me ask you guys a quick question. Are all your friends getting married and you seem to be confused what’s happening with you? Better yet, is your own mother asking you what’s going on? I know you are probably asking that one question that so many men are asking, “Where am I going to meet the woman of my dreams?” As the NYC Wing Woman, I am here to offer you some insight on this. So many men nowadays think they are going to meet their princess at a bar or a club; however, do you really want to meet the woman of your dreams at a bar or club? As a dating coach  let me tell you, you may meet many woman there, but probably not your future wife.

The 6 Places You Could Find the Woman of Your Dreams

  1. The Gym

How many times do you go to the gym a week? I mean, wait, are you going to the gym? If not, men you need to step up your game. Today, many women are extremely passionate about this ideal. So, one of the for sure spots that the woman of your dreams is hanging out is at the gym. Now, this could mean a yoga studio, CrossFit Studios, or even the basic exercise room at your local fitness center. What you need to do is get out there.

  1. Coffee Shops

Woman that you are seeking to attract are most likely also having a sip of coffee at a local coffee shop. Why? Woman love conversation. What do you think you do over a cup of coffee? Talk! Naturally, woman flock to coffee shops for great conversations. I mean, why do you think the entire premise of FRIENDS centered around a coffee shop?

  1. Meetup Groups

In 2017, another amazing way to meet some amazing women is through MeetUp. As the NYC Wing Woman, I suggest that you figure out what your passions and hobbies are and begin networking through MeetUp. Let me ask, do you like Yoga, Movies, or Coffee? There is a specific MeetUp group in every single city just for your favorite things. What is so beneficial about this is that the women that are there have the same passions as you! I think I can smell some chemistry brewing!

  1. Birthday Parties

What a better place to be than a birthday party! Celebrations are one of my favorite things and I think a birthday party is another place where you can meet Mrs. Right. At Birthday Parties, everyone is there to have fun and celebrate, which is the perfect opportunity to network and talk with the women at the party. Now, don’t act too creepy or force anything. There is no rush, just enjoy it!


  1. Work Events

Another location where the perfect woman may be hiding is at your work events. You probably never thought or dreamt when you were little that she would be a fellow worker for the same company as you, but guess what! She just might be. Now, this could be perfect for you. Why? You would already have one thing in common. Just be careful not to land yourself in the friend zone though!

  1. Friends

One of the easiest and most common ways that people are meeting their potential perfect partner is from friends. You never know if any of your friends has a single woman that is seeking to date. It does not hurt to ask your friends to see if they know anyone that might be perfect for you.


I found a woman I am interested in, where do I take her on our upcoming dates?

Your first three dates can make or break a relationship. If you need advice where to take your upcoming date, check out my free first three dates guide!  I break down exactly where you should be taking these woman  to set the mood correctly and places that won’t break the bank!

Do You Need A Wing Woman?

Now, it might be silly for you to think right now but do you need a wing woman? As the NYC Wing Woman, I have been known across the entire city, and country, to help men just like you successfully find, date and secure the woman of their dreams. Chances are, you just need a little bit of coaching, confidence and the magic will happen sooner than you think. If you are interested in talking with me more in details, please contact me here: Info@nycwingwoman.com


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