Private Coaching for Men

This dating program will change your life!

The NYC Wingwoman Premiere Coaching Package is the elite service with individualized attention. You are guarantee to  gain immense knowledge and skills to enhance your dating life. You will work closely with your coach and receive relationship coaching (from start to finish), text support, style advice, and online dating assistance. You will also have the opportunity to practice through role play with real-time feedback and the Wingwoman Service!


“Dating does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”


Get the results you deserve! Choose the Premiere Coaching Package for the elite experience!

  • Wingwoman Service
  • Real Time Feedback
  • Approach Technique
  • Flirting Technique
  • Conversational Escalation
  • Mock Date
  • Day Game
  • Night Game
  • Style Enhancing
  • All Packages are tailored to each clients specific needs
“Learn from the best in NYC”

If you do not live in the NYC area that’s ok! you can receive premiere date coaching services via Skype. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Contact the NYC Wingwoman for more information.

Introductory meeting – (In person or Skype ) Coaching session= $250 / 1 hour session

Specializing in:
  • Coaching Millennials – Generation X (21-52)
  • Unlocking your inner powers
  • Acting with authenticity and confidence


Custom Coaching Packages

Each package is custom fit for you.

The NYC Wingwoman package allows you to customize each program based on what you feel your specific needs are and what you personally desire to enhance. You will get to work with New York’s Leading Dating coach and customize the program to reach your dating goals as quickly as possible.

Some say dating in NYC is tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Let’s get started today and invest into your future now.


  • One on one date coaching (discussing your personal goals for relationships and how to set yourself up for success)
  • Attraction techniques (mock date experience where we go over how to flirt, correct body language, dressing for the most confident you)
  • Positive reaffirmation training (setting daily goals for yourself to keep you motivated, maintaining self-esteem and confidence in yourself, coping techniques to get you through a bad day)
  • Wingwoman services (“on the job” training where we go out and I give you real time feedback in order to make sure you are putting your best self to the forefront. I’ll be your secret wingwoman assisting you to meet others)
  • Social media revamping (go through your profiles on various online dating sites if interested, take new profile photos, go over basic chatting dos and don’ts)
  • Glamour makeover (getting you ready for a big night out)

Various packages are available 


“To change your life you must first change your priorities”



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