How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

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Get out of the Friend Zone and into the Romantic Zone

There have been numerous Hollywood movies that have made fun of men that have been stuck in the friend zone. For some reason, it bears some scary weight to men. It is literally one of the dreaded fictional places that so many men fear and never want to reach. The truth is, if you reached the friend zone with a lady that you particularly like, it does not mean you have to be stuck there forever. There is actually a proven way to step out of the friend zone and into the romantic zone. So, men, stop acting so scarred and let’s step your game up. Here is the proven way to step from friends to romance.

  • The Question to Answer First

Before you can even get to this point – you really need to establish something. Are you really in the friendzone? You don’t want to assume that you are or anything like that. It’s easy to tell if she looks at you more as a friend than anything. Once you realize that she does see you as a friend, you can begin making the following adjustments or steps.

  • What is She Attracted To

The first thing that you can do towards making the step from friend zone to romance zone is to figure out what she is attracted to. What I mean is, what characteristics does she prefer? What does she enjoy? From figuring out what she is attracted to, you can begin to make steps in the right direction.

  • Separate Yourself From Friends

Many times, women will place men in the friendzone because there are many other people involved. You can’t blame her for placing you there if you never took the time to be with her alone. If you have never taken time to get to know her alone, can you really blame her? I mean, it sounds like a regular friend to me.

  • The Feelings Part

Now, I know so many men that run away from the idea of feelings. The truth is, if you are serious about her and want to be in a dedicated relationship, you need to try. After getting her one-on-one, it’s important to confess how you feel and see if a relationship is a possibility. Right here, we are shattering the friendzone aspect and putting all the cards on the table.

  • The Big Date

The last step towards stepping outside of the friend zone is taking her on a real date. If you both hung out with friends at different locations, you want to make this date special and different. Get creative with this! There are so many different places you could take her in your city. Check out my FREE Date Guide for more information!

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