Bootcamp for Men

If you could change your life in one weekend would you?


 Weekend Intensive Bootcamp


  • This intensive bootcamp will give you the tools necessary to develop authentic relationships with women. As a woman, I give you what many coaches can’t- An inside scoop to what women really think, want, and expect. During this 2 day intensive bootcamp you will learn the tools necessary to approach, converse, flirt, and set up dates with women. You will learn this through lectures, role-play, mock speed dates, real time feedback, and practice in the field!

This weekend intensive will give you the opportunity to ask beautiful women their honest opinion regarding pick up strategies and no question is to taboo to ask!


Begin your journey in changing your life!



Get inside a woman’s head so that you can get the woman of your dreams!


What we will do at this weekend intensive bootcamp


  • Discuss personal fears on approach and how to overcome them. (Each person has a story, and I want to know yours!)
  • Lectures on how to approach a woman without being rejected, have successful conversations, master flirting techniques, discover what your body languages is saying about you, understand pacing and timing, determine when to kiss a girl and how to make the initial move, techniques for sexual escalation, grasp how to develop a strong connection, methods to gain self confidence.
  • You will learn strategies to “Open” and “Close”
  • Be given tools to have quality opening lines during approach
  • Get the females perspective on seduction
  • Discover individual mistakes hindering successful interactions.
  • Exercise and drill based training with oral feedback
  • Mock Speed date with written feedback
  • Master online dating
  • We will take you out at night and during the day to practice in real life scenario’s while simultaneously receiving real-time feedback. You will have the chance to interact with women by putting your new found skills to the test and practicing everything you learned. Wingwomen/wingmen will be available to guide, and assist in connection building. You will also have the opportunity to watch a a live demonstration of a “Pick Up Artist (PUA) in action.


*You can read many books about pick up artistry, However the best learning comes from practice. In this intensive bootcamp, you will have several hours to practice so that you feel more comfortable and confident in yourself and your techniques.*



Why it’s better to work with a female dating coach!

As a female dating coach I advise  through first hand experiences, giving you the inside scoop of what works, what does not work, what’s a turn on and what’s a turn off! I tell you the honest truth  about what women really think and want!



Men’s Weekend Bootcamp in NYC | November 18th- 19th Sold Out


Men’s Weekend Bootcamp in NYC |December 16th- 17th


Contact NYC Wingwoman for information on more upcoming dates.